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58Backup in stock and shipping!

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  • Priscilla Spencer
    Oct 3, 2008
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      Subterranean Press has a very exciting announcement! "Backup," the
      Thomas-centric novelette illustrated by Mike Mignola, is in stock and

      From the SubPress website:

      "Please note: Including the Limited Edition copies, we have nearly
      10,000 copies of Jim Butcher's new Dresden Files novelette, Backup, to
      ship. It's going to take us a few weeks to get everything out the
      door, at least. We'd appreciate if everyone would refrain from
      emailing about their order status until the end of October, so we can
      focus on packing and getting books out the door. One further note, and
      an apology. We completely flaked and did not have a separate dust
      jacket designed for the limited edition. Our apologies to everyone."

      Backup will be available via Subterranean Press in three editions:

      Lettered: 26 signed lettered copies, specially bound, housed in a
      custom traycase (Sold Out)

      Limited: 500 signed numbered copies, bound in leather (Sold Out)

      Trade: full cloth bound hardcover copies: $20
      Buy it from the Jim-Butcher.com store:

      Discuss this on the forum: