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169Cold Days a Bestseller

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  • Fred Hicks
    Dec 6, 2012

      Jim tweeted last night:

      Thank you, guys, for making COLD DAYS a #1 New York Times best-selling book. :)

      — Jim Butcher (@longshotauthor) December 6, 2012

      Congratulations, Jim! Cold Days is the 4th Dresden Files novel in a row to hit #1 on the New York Times hardcover fiction bestseller list! Thanks to all the fans for their extraordinary support.

      Jim is still fighting off the last throes of stomach flu, but he was feeling well enough for celebratory Burger King last night! Hopefully, he’ll be able to reschedule one or both of the missed signings soon. We’ll get you that info as soon as we have it!

      In the meantime, enjoy video from the signings in Seattle (courtesy of Suvudu) and Redondo Beach (provided by Priscellie), plus Seattle’s pre-event livestream Q&A at University Bookstore.


      via Jim Butcher http://www.jim-butcher.com/posts/2012/cold-days-a-bestseller