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Re: Jimmy Bruno & Howard Alden at Small's in NYC this Sunday night 9

yes and yes. awesome spot! At 09:32 AM 6/16/2015, you wrote: Rick, here we are only 3 years later (not quite), so I'm wondering... is Small's still in
Chris Smart
Jul 2

Re: Ed Bickert

I've been aware of Ed for ages, but just recently listened to a couple of live albums he recorded with his trio, At the Garden Party and Out of the Past. Has
Rod Ellard
Jul 2

Re: comping with 1 or even 2 pianos?

Phil Spector created his famous "symphonies for teenagers" using multiple pianos ,drummers, guitarists , etc. I've definitely seen session photos with 2
Dan Snazelle
Jul 2

Re: Jimmy Bruno & Howard Alden at Small's in NYC this Sunday night 9

Rick, here we are only 3 years later (not quite), so I'm wondering... is Small's still in business, and if so, do they still have Jazz acts?
Jul 2

File - Facebook

If you are a Facebook user, and haven't do so already, please consider "Liking" us: https://www.facebook.com/JazzGuitarGroup Please go to our page, hover over
Jul 1

File - ADMIN_Contributing_to_the_file_archive.txt

Done a new transcription? Written a new article on Jazz guitar playing? Attachments such as chord melody arrangements, chord diagram files, MP3s etc., can be
Jul 1

File - ADMIN_Linking_to_YJGG.txt

How to get more traffic to your jazz guitar website or blog. ============================================================ Linking your website or blog to a
Jul 1

File - ADMIN_Please_Edit_ Your_Replies.txt

The number one reason of all time that people get moderated in this group is... **** Not deleting excess quoted text in replies to the list! **** So it's time
Jul 1

File - ADMIN_Monthly_Help.txt

The Yahoo Jazz Guitar Group (YJGG) ================================== Monthly Help Text: YJGG Commands Please save this email for future reference. For All
Jul 1

Mike Stern

Did anybody else catch Mike Stern at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto the other night? AWESOME! Drummer Kim Thompson is a force of nature! Chris ... Learn to
Chris Smart
Jun 26

New Album Alert: the Brad Cheeseman Group

So often, great Canadian jazz goes unnoticed outside of Canada. So, do yourselves a favor and check out the debut album from bassist/composer Brad Cheeseman.
Chris Smart
Jun 26

Re: Article on half-diminshed cadences

Agree. Another tip to consider - especially at fast tempos, if you are looking at a 2-5-1, forget about the 2 and just think about the 5 and use your ears -
Peter Crist
Jun 16

Re: Article on half-diminshed cadences

Thank you for the post. You helped to jump-start this group! best, Bobby
Bob Hansmann
Jun 15

Re: Article on half-diminshed cadences

A trick I came across the other day for diminished scale harmony is this. If you have a harmonizer you can set it for a minor third (or, I suppose any other
Jun 15

Re: Article on half-diminshed cadences

Kevin, One more thing: each note is a fully diminished chord is a potential root, so each fingering ("grip") works for 4 chord names. Cheers, JV Juan Vega In
Jun 15
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