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    Referential Playing: Ebook... and a 2nd video!

    Hey guys, I'm happy to say that I'm nearing the completion of a new ebook. The ebook, which contains over 50 exercises, examples, and accompanying audio files,
    Feb 8

    A Frank Gambale Question

    Hi folks. Well, I guess I couldn't stay away. :) I'm not sure how busy this group is nowadays, but I'm hoping someone can give me a hand with something. Do you
    Chris Smart
    Feb 8

    Re: Ted Greene Album, "An Afternoon with Ted" - New - Free Download

    Thank you Jay for posting this. Great stuff!
    Feb 4

    Re: Ted Greene Album, "An Afternoon with Ted" - New - Free Download

    John, felted compelled to thankyou for this site . You have to be an advanced guitarist to understand it                                    
    robert brunet
    Feb 3

    Re: Ted Greene Album, "An Afternoon with Ted" - New - Free Download

    Thanks, Jay. Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android On Tue, Feb 2, 2016 at 6:49 PM, jayv999@... [jazz_guitar] wrote: Hi Guys, Just
    John Ellard
    Feb 3

    GIG: Sausalito, CA: No-Name All-Stars

    No Name All-Stars @ Sausalito Saturday, February 13th, 9pm Location: 757 Bridgeway, Sausalito, CA Doug Morton, trumpet Jean-Michel Hure, guitar Dave Mac Nab,
    Bob Afifi
    Feb 2

    Ted Greene Album, "An Afternoon with Ted" - New - Free Download

    Hi Guys, Just wanted to alert you to a new collection of recordings of Ted Greene playing solo guitar, called, "An Afternoon with Ted." TedGreene.com - Audio -
    Feb 2

    Re: Floating Pickup Recommendations

    Has anyone here installed a Lollar Johnny Smith on a Yamaha AEX1500 (Martin Taylor model)? I would be interested in the results and your reaction. Thanks,
    Feb 2

    Re: Floating Pickup Recommendations

    I got a Johnny Smith floating pick up from Jason Lollar great sounding pick up! Hello to you all good  to be back,Tony Hughes  Sent from my Galaxy Tab®
    Feb 2

    File - ADMIN_Contributing_to_the_file_archive.txt

    Done a new transcription? Written a new article on Jazz guitar playing? Attachments such as chord melody arrangements, chord diagram files, MP3s etc., can be
    Feb 1

    File - ADMIN_Linking_to_YJGG.txt

    How to get more traffic to your jazz guitar website or blog. ============================================================ Linking your website or blog to a
    Feb 1

    File - ADMIN_Please_Edit_ Your_Replies.txt

    The number one reason of all time that people get moderated in this group is... **** Not deleting excess quoted text in replies to the list! **** So it's time
    Feb 1

    File - ADMIN_Monthly_Help.txt

    The Yahoo Jazz Guitar Group (YJGG) ================================== Monthly Help Text: YJGG Commands Please save this email for future reference. For All
    Feb 1
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