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The Yahoo Jazz Guitar Group (YJGG) ================================== Monthly Help Text: YJGG Commands Please save this email for future reference. For All
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The number one reason of all time that people get moderated in this group is... **** Not deleting excess quoted text in replies to the list! **** So it's time
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If you are a Facebook user, and haven't do so already, please consider "Liking" us: https://www.facebook.com/JazzGuitarGroup Please go to our page, hover over
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Done a new transcription? Written a new article on Jazz guitar playing? Attachments such as chord melody arrangements, chord diagram files, MP3s etc., can be
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How to get more traffic to your jazz guitar website or blog. ============================================================ Linking your website or blog to a
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GIG:NYC:JackWilkins:Friday, July 31st

Dear friends Hope you can come by to the "Bar Next Door" this Friday, July 31st to hear me, Andy McKee and Mike Clark. We'll be playing 3 sets: 7.30-8.30 9.30-
jack wilkins
Jul 29

Re: Nylon vs steel strings

Silk & steel strings: 20 years ago I owned a Martin 000-18 and decided to put their silk & steel strings on it with the intention of saving my right hand
Jul 27

Re: Nylon Acoustic/Electric Narrow Neck Shopping Advise?

Dear David Gilbert, I will help you get a Stratocaster style guitar that can be properly UPGRADED to become the easiest guitar to play so that it will greatly
Robert Cole
Jul 27

Re: Nylon Acoustic/Electric Narrow Neck Shopping Advise?

I had a similar desire a few years ago as I too have smallish hands. I bought a Martin OOOC single cut away, 12 fret to the body and a fishman piezo pickup
Jul 27

Re: Nylon vs steel strings

As I suggested earlier, try John Pearse Folk Strings. They are hybrid steel-nylon, have a sound to match, and are no problem on a 'classical' guitar.
Jul 25

Nylon vs steel strings

If you put nylon strings on a guitar made for steel strings, I can guarantee that it will not play in tune. The bridge of a classical guitar is parallel with
Jul 24

Re: Nylon Acoustic/Electric Narrow Neck Shopping Advise?

Bob Am considering getting a Strat and would be interested in what your "new method" is to Properly Upgrade the guitar. Thanks david
Jul 23

Re: Nylon Acoustic/Electric Narrow Neck Shopping Advise?

... I played steel string flattop acoustic years ago and used them for a while, finding they gave a lighter, more delicate tone. I've never put them on a
Jul 23

Re: Nylon Acoustic/Electric Narrow Neck Shopping Advise? [1 Attachm

are you planning to sell your nylon string guitar ?
Asif InfahOlic
Jul 23

Re: Nylon Acoustic/Electric Narrow Neck Shopping Advise?

I had a set on a practice instrument for a while. I liked the way they felt. I don't know that they sounded much different. I don't recall thinking about it
Jul 22
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