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Alaivani.com Updates September 24, 2007 - October 6, 2007

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  • Jennifer
    Greetings Friends: Hope all are well. Happy Upcoming Navarathri! The last two weeks have been eventful for me, as I am sure they have for most of you! Today I
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      Greetings Friends:


      Hope all are well.

      Happy Upcoming Navarathri!

      The last two weeks have been eventful for me, as I am sure they have for most of you!  Today I am testing the new version of the newsletter.  There are links to the post within the story, hope the links are visible to all.


      September 25th was a day to receive Ganesha's blessings and reflect on lessons from Ganesha Chathurthi, as it was the last day of Ganesh Chathurthi and the day to immerse Ganesh into a water body.  This year I also learned how this festival became a 10 day affair and wondered if Lord Ganesh freed India from the British?  From following all the Hindu festivals and Indian holidays, many may wonder is mine a case of reverse culture shock?  I continued to explore this in two entries that completed the series is mine a case of reverse culture shock?

      That reminds me of...,our virtual trip to Kanchipuram where we explored the Ekambareswara Temple famously known as the place Goddess Kamakshi wed Lord Shiva, and then to the famous tourist stopover Sri Varadharaja Swamy Temple where history makes waves under the temple tank.  We also virtually tasted two south Indian dishes, coconut rice and rasam, that could also be found in the daily menus of many residents of Kanchipuram. 

      Talking about food, that reminds me of..., how aromas affect our lives as they leave long lasting impressions.  That reminds me of how our wild buddies, the skunks and the popular recipe ingredient, asafetida both are not known for being sweet smelling but both offer their own special attributes to our world!


      In addition to these posts, I wanted to share the news about this group and this newsletter.  I have updated the settings of this group so anyone can join and anyone can see archives of old posts. Your e-mail IDs remains hidden from the rest of the group.  And, as I am the only one to post messages, I was wondering if anyone is interested in chatting live with me.  I have found a nice widget through neoworx that allows for live chat and I can test it out.  I am wondering if you're interested in chatting with me to test this widget.  I have posted a new poll on my site; please participate (before blending that IPhone!).  If some want to chat, I will schedule a day and time in November that would be suitable for everyone to participate, even those in India .  The last poll had a very low turn out, but I will honor the respondents by switching the day of the newsletter to Fridays starting Friday, October 19, I will publish two newsletters a month, the first and third Friday.


      Enjoy your day.

      See you soon, potya varen, pinne kaanam, chalo phir.


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