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Re: JSR 199 comments

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  • Neal Gafter
    ... The mechanism for implementing a command (now tool) should not be specified in the API, as it is up to the vendor of a JDK to implement them however they
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 14, 2003
      David Flanagan wrote:
      > Neal,
      > I know that JSR 199 is not in community review yet, but I just read your
      > yahoo groups post about the interim solution you're proposing for Tiger,
      > and wanted to share some thoughts:
      > 1) I don't think that the Command class should require subclasses to be
      > named "Main" in order to be found by the find() method. This may be
      > a useful default, but shouldn't be required. How about having
      > findByPackage() methods which take the package name and assume Main
      > as the classname, but also more general find() (or findByClass())
      > methods that take a fully-qualified class name.

      The mechanism for implementing a command (now tool) should not be specified
      in the API, as it is up to the vendor of a JDK to implement them however
      they want. I've removed those comments from the description of the API.

      > 2) If Command and CommandNotFound are the only classes in the package,
      > does it need a package of its own, or could it be put in java.util?
      > If it must be in a javax package, then wouldn't javax.command be a
      > more descriptive name than javax.shell? Or do you think that the
      > package will grow to have more shell-type capabilities? (When I
      > think of a shell, I think of things like command-line variable
      > substituion, and the ability to specify a working directory. Unless
      > you aim to add stuff like this, I think that javax.shell is not a
      > good choice.)

      Agreed. I've renamed it to java.tools;

      > 3) Is then intent of this capability that it can be used with any
      > external Command in any external JAR file? Or is it only for tools
      > specifically shipped with a Java implementation? If the latter, then
      > would Tool be a more descriptive name than Command?

      Yes. Changed.

      > 4) I imagine that the implementation will include a configuration
      > parameter somewhere that specifies the classpath for the
      > getToolLoader() ClassLoader. Will, or should, that configuration
      > information also include a list of allowed Command package or class
      > names? If so, the the Command class could also easily have a "public
      > static String[] availableCommands()" method. This doesn't seem
      > critical, but might be useful if your implementation would support it
      > naturally.

      These are implementation details that should not be specified in the API.

      > 5) Are there any interactions between your proposal and the Application
      > Isolation API of JSR 121? Or Doug Lea's concurrency utils JSR? That
      > is, would it be useful to build upon either of these frameworks, or
      > to provide utility methods that run a tool in an Isolate, or that run
      > it as a Future?

      No, there is no intended interaction at all. These are not separate
      threads or processes, nor are they run in an isolated VM. In any case,
      JSR 121 is no longer a planned part of J2SE 1.5.

      I'm copying these answers to the JSR199 mailing list, and I'll also be
      sending an update of the API.

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