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97Re: [javax_compiler] Re: Welcome to the discussion group for JSR199 (standard API for Java compilers)

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  • Olivier Lefevre
    Aug 7 2:04 AM
      > I was only mentionning alternate APIs for the long term story when we
      > want to address this JSR. There is no existing documentation reflecting
      > the Eclipse compiler API as of today, but something could be done on
      > this front.

      That would be nice. If there is no document outlining its design
      philosophy, that is not very conducive to taking it into account
      when researching existing APIs...

      > FYI, I am not interested in invoking com.sun.tools.javac.Main.compile

      Why not? The command-line arguments to compile are an API of sorts
      already. Assuming it were brought out in the open, so to speak, a priori
      I would have thought that it provides the kind of functionality required
      by IDE and Ant people. So, what do you dislike about it and what do you
      want from the new API?


      -- O.L.
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