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95Re: [javax_compiler] Re: Welcome to the discussion group for JSR199 (standard API for Java compilers)

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  • Olivier Lefevre
    Jul 25, 2003
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      > Please, folks: when you reply to an email to this list, edit the
      > recipient field.

      Oops, sorry. You may have said this earlier and I may have noted it
      but there is so little traffic on this list that I forgot ;-)

      >> How does our chair feel about taking the time to study existing compiler
      >> APIs before we go beyond the "minimal" program?
      > I expect to be working 60+ hours per week until Tiger code freeze, as I
      > have been since late last year. I simply cannot take on any additional
      > work.

      You misunderstood me. I wasn't suggesting that you kill yourself at work:
      we need our chairman! Rather, I meant that if we take the time to study
      existing APIs, then for sure the odds of getting anything beyond the
      "minimal program" into Tiger drop to zero.

      In addition, there's a policy issue there. The Generics JSR spec had these
      infamous and very controversial "non-goals". So, we must first decide
      what trying to accomodate existing compiler APIs shall be to us: a goal,
      a non-goal or an anti-goal? Now I, too, am feeling like a theologist ;-)
      In other words, is that something we wish to care about and how much?

      > How would you feel about doing this study, proposing something else, and
      > prototyping it in javac?

      I don't think I can do that by August 15 either but otherwise I am
      willing to try, yes.


      -- O.L.
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