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94Re: [javax_compiler] Re: Welcome to the discussion group for JSR199 (standard API for Java compilers)

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  • Neal M Gafter
    Jul 25, 2003
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      Please, folks: when you reply to an email to this list, edit the
      recipient field. It defaults to javax_compiler_owner@yahoogroups.com,
      which means it only goes to me. You should reply to
      javax_compiler@yahoogroups.com. I don't know if there's anything I
      can do to fix it automagically.

      Olivier Lefevre wrote:
      >>The middle road approach suits us. The long term story should however
      >>consider existing alternate API, such as the one our Eclipse compiler
      >>provides as of today.
      > Do you have an URL for that API? Preferably a _design_ document, not
      > a bunch of Javadocs, please.
      > How does our chair feel about taking the time to study existing compiler
      > APIs before we go beyond the "minimal" program? That might not be a bad
      > idea since in the past Sun has been the target of much bitching in similar
      > circumstances (as with, e.g., the Logging API).

      I expect to be working 60+ hours per week until Tiger code freeze, as I have
      been since late last year. I simply cannot take on any additional work.
      How would you feel about doing this study, proposing something else, and
      prototyping it in javac?

      >>For the middle road story, having compiler tools be able to process
      >>the command line arguments is a big improvement
      > If that is all you want, you can already call com.sun.tools.javac.Main.compile.
      > There are two minor problems with that: the first is that javac used not
      > to be reentrant, so you had to use a new Main every time but that has since
      > been fixed and anyway that was only a problem if you were not aware of it.
      > The second is that the class in question is not a core one, so the story
      > may be different with another vendor. The fix for that would be to pull
      > javac.Main into the core or else provide a system facility to grab it
      > (or a wrapper around it), which is just what Neal Gafter suggested, i.e.,
      > his "minimal" program. If we go with that, you won't be able to do
      > anything you couldn't already do: you will merely have an assurance that
      > it will work across platforms and not just on the Sun VM. Hardly a "big"
      > improvement... Or am I missing something?

      That's exactly right: the simple API buys you a consistent and portable
      way to run the compiler if it's present, and you don't have to worry about
      finding the right jar file at compile-time and runtime (which varies from
      platform to platform). It also supports the other tools (javah, rmic,
      javadoc, etc) if present.
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