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92Re: [javax_compiler] Simplified API

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  • Neal Gafter
    Jun 25, 2003
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      Sachin Hejip wrote:
      > I was wondering about the extent to which we intend to define the simplified
      > API itself. From Neal's email it seems that the goal is to be able to invoke
      > javac without having any direct reference to the com.sun packages. Can we
      > define some of the other abstractions that were mentioned and be included in
      > the Tiger release? I think a similar point was raised by Olivier.

      The basic constraints are time and resources. To be included in Tiger, we
      have to be substantially done with the spec and reference implementation by
      August 15. I'm the only engineer working on the compiler for Tiger, and I
      still have a lot of work to do before then with all the new language features
      going in. As a practical matter, I don't have time to do much beyond what
      I sent. If someone else can implement whatever else we can come up with in
      that time, then we might be able to use it. Otherwise we'll have to settle
      for what I have time to implement.