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87Re: [javax_compiler] Byte code compiler assembler and manipulator

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  • Chris Smith
    Dec 4, 2002
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      > I just read the JSR description (199), and it only speaks about source
      > compilation.
      > Do you think it's possible to add to the specification a byte code
      > and/or an API to give to the users a convenient possibility to analyze,
      > create, and manipulate (binary) Java class files ?

      Before an assembler could be provided, you'd need a standard for JVM
      bytecode assembler format. Perhaps the Jasmin format could be adopted, but
      there would need to be some official consensus on defining that language.
      There hasn't been, of yet.

      There is already at least one tool (BCEL, which you mentioned) to do the
      latter bit. Perhaps that could become part of the language, too. Again,
      though, it's not really related to a language compiler. It might be used in
      the implementation of such a language compiler, but I see no connection in
      terms of the API.

      > There is already a bytecode manipulator in MS.dotNet, and Java developers
      > have to some external products (opensource or not).
      > But in my opinion, a bytecode manipulator and/or assembler should be part
      > the Java API, some developers and big companies are afraid to use tools
      > are not part of the specification.

      That's a very poor reason to expand the core API. If any such companies
      truly exist (ie, ones that won't use code only because it's outside the core
      API), then they will die soon and be replaced by companies with more
      reasonable approaches on licensing and applying third-party code. Efforts
      to stop this natural evolution of matters are misguided.

      > Do you know if there is already a group working on that specification, do
      > think it should be part of this JSR ?

      Not part of this JSR. If you think that the BCEL is useful enough to become
      part of the core API, propose it as a new JSR.

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