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84Byte code compiler assembler and manipulator

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  • Cyrille Morvan by way of Cyrille Morvan
    Dec 3, 2002
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      All -

      I just read the JSR description (199), and it only speaks about source code

      Do you think it's possible to add to the specification a byte code assembler
      and/or an API to give to the users a convenient possibility to analyze,
      create, and manipulate (binary) Java class files ?

      Preprocessor, aspect oriented framework could use that kind of tool.

      There is already a bytecode manipulator in MS.dotNet, and Java developers
      have to some external products (opensource or not).
      But in my opinion, a bytecode manipulator and/or assembler should be part of
      the Java API, some developers and big companies are afraid to use tools that
      are not part of the specification.

      Do you know if there is already a group working on that specification, do you
      think it should be part of this JSR ?

      BCEL :

      Jasmin Assembler :

      Jikes BT


      Cyrille Morvan
      IT Student / Orsay / France
      (+1) 713-689-5489
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