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81Re: [javax_compiler] New JSR on Java(TM) Compiler API

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  • jim.welch@sybase.com
    Oct 15, 2002
      Hi Neal,

      We (that's the iAnywhere Solutions part of Sybase) would support your

      If you get it through the preliminary red tape, I'd personally be available
      to review documents, etc. I'd have a hard time justifying trips to
      California for face-to-face meetings.

      Our interest is in facilitating builds, which is similar but not identical
      to the IDE problem.

      Jim Welch

      "Neal Gafter"
      <Neal.Gafter@s To: javax_compiler@yahoogroups.com
      un.com> cc:
      Subject: [javax_compiler] New JSR on Java(TM) Compiler API
      07:10 PM
      Please respond

      I am starting up a new JSR on an API for invoking a Java Language
      compiler from within a Java program. That was the original purpose
      for the existence of this group. A draft of the JSR proposal is
      enclosed. The history of the discussion within this group is listed
      as a reference for the definition of the JSR. As you probably know,
      this API will be very useful in implementations of an IDE and for JSP
      implementations, and it will make it possible for programs to compile
      small snippets of Java source code very efficiently.

      I'm currently at the stage of gathering support and endorsement to help
      this proposal over the initial stages of the JSR process, most
      hopefully from large influential Java licensees. Suggestions and
      and offers of support are most welcome.

      JSR Proposal

      Java(TM) Compiler API

      A service provider API that allows a Java program to select
      and invoke a Java Language Compiler programmatically.

      Sun Microsystems

      Contact Name:
      Neal Gafter

      Contact E-Mail:

      Contact Phone:

      Contact Fax:

      Spec Lead Name:
      Neal Gafter

      Spec Lead E-Mail:

      Spec Lead Phone:

      Spec Lead Fax:

      Initial Group Membership:

      Supporting this JSR:
      Sun Microsystems

      Section 2.1: (Description of the proposed Specification)
      The Java Compiler API is a set of interfaces that describes
      the functions provided by a Java Language Compiler, and a
      service provider framework so vendors can provide
      implementations of these interfaces.

      The interfaces abstract the way a compiler interacts with its
      environment. While the existing command-line versions of
      compiler receive their inputs from the file systems and
      deposit their outputs there, reporting errors in a single
      output stream, the new compiler API will allow a compiler to
      interact with an abstraction of the file system. This
      abstraction will likely be provided by an extension of the NIO
      facilities in Tiger (1.5), and allow users to provide source
      and class files (and paths) to the compiler in the file
      system, in jar files, or in memory, and allowing the compiler
      to deposit its output similarly. Diagnostics will be returned
      from a compiler as structured data, with both pre- and
      post-localization messages available.

      In addition, the new API should provide a facility for a
      compiler to report dependency information among compilation
      units. Such information can assist an integrated development
      environment in reducing the scope of future recompilations.

      Future versions of this API might expose more of the structure
      of the program, for example the declaration structure of the
      program (ala the javadoc API), program annotations (JSR 175)
      or even the code itself (ASTs: Abstract Sytntax Trees). These
      are not goals of the initial version of this specifications.

      Section 2.2: (The target Java platform)

      Section 2.3: (What need of the Java community will be addressed by the
      The main initial audiences are
      (1) JSP implementations, which must invoke a Java
      Language compiler on generated Java code
      (2) IDE (Integrated Development Environments) which
      must process user-written source code
      (3) Some internal Java facilities are simplified
      by the ability to generate class files efficiently
      through generation of source files.

      Section 2.4: (Why isn't this met by existing specifications?)
      There simply isn't anything like this in the platform.

      Section 2.5: (Description of the underlying technologies)
      The reference implementation will likely be built on Sun's javac.

      Section 2.6: (Proposed package name for the API spec)

      Section 2.7: (Are there any dependencies on OS/CPU/devices?)

      Section 2.8: (Are there any new security issues?)

      Section 2.9: (Are there internationalization of localization issues?)
      These will be explicitly addressed by the specification.

      Section 2.10: (Will any existring specs become obsolete?)

      Section 2.11: (What is the anticipated schedule for this spec?)
      We hope to have the specification completed in time to be
      included in the next major revision of the Java platform

      Section 2.12: (What is the working model for the expert group?)
      Sun will lead the specification and implementation work, with
      experts contributing to the API specification.

      Section 3.1: (What existing documents, specs, or implementations
      describe the technology?)
      See http://groups.yahoo.com/group/javax_compiler for some very
      early thoughts.

      Sun's javac will likely form the basis of the reference

      Section 3.2: (How will these be used as a starting point?)
      The expert group will consider them as a starting point for
      ideas on defining the specification.

      Section 4.1: (Additional Information)

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