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74RE: [javax_compiler] Re: Services for algorithms operating on treesof nodes.

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  • Jon Skeet
    Mar 12, 2002
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      > I am sure the world would be very happy with the most common java
      > compilier making use of an abstract file system. If I was on the Ant
      > team, I'd be falling over myself with happiness. (I thought there were
      > a few Ant people on this list, but they seem quiet.)

      I'm certainly extremely happy about it, just watching quietly :)

      On the other hand, Ant tries to be very backwardly compatible - it'll almost certainly require 1.2.2 for Ant2, but I don't think we'd want to start requiring 1.5! For that reason, I suspect it won't become a core part of Ant for a long time, but it could certainly be useful for optional tasks.

      In terms of the compiler aspect, I would imagine the Jasper team would be happier - no need to write out full .java files etc...