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73Re: [javax_compiler] Re: Services for algorithms operating on trees of nodes.

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  • David Bullock
    Mar 11, 2002
      Sure. I guess I was not thinking strictly about the compiler
      domain, or the javac compiler in particular. I am kind of envisioning
      infrastructure that would assist the makers of software that transformed
      trees of nodes, and of software that ordered a sequence of
      transformations. It's still a very immature idea ... I was just
      wondering what folks thought of it, since the topic came up and
      people in this forum might have some appreciation of the line of

      I am sure the world would be very happy with the most common java
      compilier making use of an abstract file system. If I was on the Ant
      team, I'd be falling over myself with happiness. (I thought there were
      a few Ant people on this list, but they seem quiet.)

      And yes, the API should be JSR'd so that the API can evolve in step with
      JDK releases, instead of independently of JDK releases. This is a major
      source of pain with APIs such as SAX, DOM, CORBA etc.

      On related matters, what are your own thoughts on the pros/cons of
      exposing the AST?


      On Mon, 11 Mar 2002, neal_gafter wrote:

      > I don't see any value in abstracting the abstract syntax trees
      > into a filesystem API - a direct AST API would make more sense.
      > But I don't expect to do that in the initial version of this
      > interface because that is an order of magnitude more complex
      > than just abstracting the compiler's interface to the outside
      > world (classpaths, files, diagnostics, etc).

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