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101Re: JSR199, How goes it?

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  • Neal M Gafter
    Sep 26, 2003

      The J2SE 1.5 (Tiger) planning folks have further scaled back how much of
      something like JSR199 they want in Tiger. Now all that's going in to Tiger is a
      published entry point for invoking to Sun's compiler com.sun.tools.javac.Main.
      We will continue JSR199 for possible inclusion in J2SE 1.6, but at this time I
      am under a lot of pressure to finish up the Tiger work, so I don't have any time
      to spend on JSR199.


      huw@... wrote:
      > Hi Neal, I was just wondering what was happening on JSR199. Things
      > seem to have gone very quiet of late, and there's not much in the Yahoo
      > group either.
      > Hope things are going well with you.
      > Huw Evans