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100Re: [javax_compiler] Re: Welcome to the discussion group for JSR199 (standard API for Java compilers)

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  • Neal Gafter
    Aug 17, 2003
      Philippe P Mulet wrote:
      > AFAIK *.javac.Main is only the front end to Sun javac. The proposed simple
      > tool API is a simple abstraction of it, I don't see much more into it. FYI,
      > Eclipse JDT implements its own Java compiler which provide core technology
      > for other compilation aware tools (like codeassist, search, etc...).

      That is exactly right: the proposed simple tool API is little more than an
      abstraction of the entry point to the compiler. The "little more" is that
      you don't have to worry about tools.jar when compiling your application or
      when running it. Perhaps Eclipse's compiler APIs are more in line with
      what we intend for JSR199.

      > The simple tool approach however doesn't surface dependency information,
      > which is quite essential to buld an incremental compiler on top of it.

      Also correct. However, I haven't yet seen a clear specification for
      "dependency" that would be applicable to the API.

      > Talking about the Eclipse compiler API, it is fairly stable, and has been
      > in use for several years already. Its javadoc are fairly detailed, though
      > we should definitely invest more time for producing a design document. BTW,
      > where is the matching documentation for the primary candidate API ?

      I don't think we have a primary candidate yet. If what I found at


      is the documentation you're talking about, I wouldn't call a single
      sentence for the documentaiton of the main package "fairly detailed."
      For the class ICompilationUnit (it seemed like a reasonable place to
      start) I found two sentences. Is there some other more detailed

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