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Presentation to Karachi City Nazim

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  • Zia Khan
    Before Eid I made a presentation to the recently elected Mayor of Karachi (City Nazim) Mr. Syed Mustafa Kamal. A short paper I presented to him is included
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 9, 2005
      Before Eid I made a presentation to the recently elected Mayor of Karachi (City Nazim) Mr. Syed Mustafa Kamal. A short paper I presented to him is included here:

      And the "Global Village" became a Reality, and Karachi to become Cyberachi

      Internet has made the vision of “Global Village” a reality.

      In a matter of just a few years, the Internet has consolidated itself to be a powerful platform that has the potential to transform the way we govern, conduct business and communicate. The Internet, as no other medium, has given "Globalized" dimension to the world. It is the Universal source of information and is actually the most democratic of all the mass media. With a minimal investment almost anybody who can read and write can have access to the World Wide Web and become a cyber citizen. And regardless of its size and location, any business can reach the huge global market - directly, rapidly and cost-effectively.

      Karachi will leverage the power of Internet and Information Technology to attain a position of leadership and brilliance in the information age and to transform itself into an information society. By adoption of IT in all aspects of development and governance, and with extensive collaboration with the private sector, Karachi will double the standard of living of its people in the next ten years. Every citizen of Karachi will become a member of digital community and Karachi will be transformed into a cyber city: Cyberachi.

      The Objectives and Policies:

      The primary objective is to use IT as a tool to cultivate the economic development of Cyberachi. This translates into the following objectives and policies:

      1.      Use IT as an instrument for Good Governance. IT will be used to develop responsive Government-Citizen interfaces and to automate and streamline the intra-government processes. IT will be used as a strategic tool to simplify procedures and revamp processes in every aspect of governess. Within three years District Government of Cyberachi will become a paperless organization. The re-organization and automation of Government-Citizen interfaces will be financed by the private sector on the Build, Run and Earn (MRE) basis. The District Government of Cyberachi will create sources of income for each major IT project in the area of e-Governance within the framework of the functioning of the current departments. This new policy will allow the departments to fix service charges and share with the private sector these revenues after ensuring that the quality of service is defined accurately and delivered in a way that ensures the greater good of the citizens of Cyberachi.

      2.      Use low-price and dependable infrastructure and to foster growth of software exports and attracting multi-national companies to relocate to Cyberachi.

      3.      Make highly trained IT manpower the main competitive advantage of Cyberachi. Unlike the traditional industries, human resource constitutes the single most important resource in the Information Technology industry and the finest companies in Information Technology funnel their growth into areas that have the richest availability of skilled IT manpower. Our strategy will be to identify potential skills which will be in demand two to three years down the road and impart these skills to the citizens of Cyberachi before hand. The availability of trained manpower which is not available anywhere else in the world will become the greatest incentive for global companies to move to Cyberachi. These programs will be initiated with the help of the private sector. The cost to trainees in these programs would be such that the underprivileged should also be able to participate in these programs.

      4.      Improve primary and secondary education through computerization.

      5.      Make every citizen an e-citizen to bring about true democracy. Access to the internet and computers will be provided to citizens with the help of the private sector to lessen the digital divide and allow all them to become part of the global e-village. This will also allow better communication links between the people and its government.

      The Implementation:

      Successful implementation of any plan requires that attention be initially focused on key areas. We have identified the following ventures for immediate consideration and execution: 

      1.      Karachi to be renamed Cyberachi. This move will convey to the entire world our intentions to become a cyber business hub of the world.

      2.      Cyberachi to become the first Wireless WiMAX city. Low-cost, broadband wireless Internet access for all residents and businesses.  As a first step, the business neighborhood of Cyberachi around II Chundigar road be blanketed with wireless internet access using the WiMAX technology. Taipei is doing it using the older, short ranged Wi-Fi technology. However, we should follow the lead of the city of Minneapolis which is working toward creating a pervasive wireless network using the WiMax technology. This project will be financed by the private sector with the District Government of Cyberachi providing the location to setup the base stations, etc.

      3.      Establish Cyber Islands with 500 computers each. These cyber centers will have large number of computers with internet access at central locations. These computers will be used to provide mass scale free (or very low cost) internet and computer training to the citizens of Cyberachi, train programmers in the latest technologies (see project 4 below), and conduct examination of students and teachers (see project 5 below), etc. The first Cyber Island should be established within the main office buildings of the City Government itself i.e. Civic Center . The Islands will be establish and run by the private sector and financed through advertisements and with grants from the District Government.

      4.      Primary and Secondary School Teachers and Students to appear in Computerized Standardized Tests each year. Every student and teacher in Cyberachi will take Standard Computerized tests in main subject areas like Mathematics, English, Urdu, etc. to determine there relative ranking. The average scores by school will be released to the general public. The results will help the school management to evaluate performance and will help parents in their school selection process. These tests will be conducted in the Cyber Islands described above.

      5.      Talent Hunt Program and Training in State of the Art Technologies. Students who are the best of the best will be identified by using computerized tests. All students of Cyberachi will be required to take this placement test at least once before passing the eighth grade. Once the students are selected they will become the charge of the District Nazim of Cyberachi, and he will insure that they be provided training and education in state of the art technologies. This project will use the facilities provided by the Cyber Islands . For the first training project we recommend that training program for the “Windows Vista Software Development Training Program” be started. Windows Vista is the next version of Windows operation system which is to follow Windows XP. This new operating system which will be released in August 2006 will revolutionize how internet is accessed and used. It provides tremendous opportunities for the talented youth of the city. Cyberachi has the potential to become the center of the internet world by providing access to skill that will be in high demand. Mr. Zia Khan has volunteered to provide the required training.         

      6.      Centralized Citizen Complaint Center will be established. The complaint center will be completely automated and the citizens of Cyberachi will be able to access it through the internet as well as the telephone system. Every few hours reports will be made available to the concerned regional management and the City Nazim.


      Zia Khan
      Computer Science/Windows Longhorn: http://www.mywinfx.org
      Global Professional Business Qualifications: http://www.globalqualifications.org
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      Tel: 92-300-826-3374 (Pakistan) 

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