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    ... Stanchart? ... companies? ... assigner) ... wealthiest among all ... whites and the ... started leaning ... Germany and ... is You have ... statistics? If
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 8, 2000
      --- In javabadar-apiit-1b@egroups.com, faysal rasheed <faysal@e...>
      >>Interesting facts. Please read to the end.
      >>Q. Who is the Co-founder of Sun Microsystems?
      >>A. Vinod Khosla
      >>Q. Who is the behind of Pentium Chip?
      >>A. Vinod Dahm
      >>Q. Who is the current president of AT & T Bell Labs
      >>A. Arun Netravalli
      >>Q. Who is the founder and creator of Hotmail
      >>A. Sabeer Bhatia
      >>Q. Who is the GM of Hewlett Packard
      >>A. Rajiv Gupta
      >>Q. Who is the Testing Director of Windows 2000?
      >>A. Sanjay Tejwrika
      >>Q. The Chief Executives of CitiBank, Mckensey,
      >>A. Rajat Gupta,Rana Talwar.
      >>Q. Who are CEOs of the following well-known
      >>A. Please find the answers yourself......
      >>AppNet America Online (The Largest ISP in the World)

      >>- Lucent Technologies (Pioneer in Fiber Optics)
      >>- Proxicom Network Solutions (The sole web domain
      >>- General Dynamics Corporation
      >>- Lazard Freres
      >> - Litton PRC
      >>- Columbia Capital
      >>- Primus Communications
      >>- Discovery Communications
      >>- Bell Atlantic
      >>- Cable & Wireless
      >>- The Motley Fool
      >>- Hughes Network Systems
      >>- Cybercash
      >>- MCI Worldcom
      >>- PSINet
      >>- Motorola
      >>- MicroStrategy
      >>- Equalfooting.com
      >>- Teligent, Inc.
      >>- MindBank
      >>- U.S. Airways
      >>- CIENA Corp.
      >>- BioNetrix
      >>- Net 2000 Communications
      >>- Computer Associates
      >>- SAIC
      >>- Startec
      >>- INOVA Health System
      >>- Cvent.com
      >>- Eglobe
      >>- Metrocall, Inc.
      >>- DynCorp
      >>- Consumer Elec. Ass'n
      >>- The Carlyle Group
      >>- Cyveillance
      >>- Nextel Communications
      >>- Fannie Mae
      >>- Intelsat
      >>- Draper Atlantic
      >>- Venture Fund, L.P.
      >>- Freddie Mac
      >>- Manugistics
      >>- Raytheon Systems Corporation
      >>- Spacevest
      >>- HSBC
      >>- United Airlines.
      >>What did you find?
      >>Do you find anything common among them?
      >>Yes, they are all Indians.
      >>They are known as the IT Mafia. They are the
      wealthiest among all
      >>groups in America, even faring better than the
      whites and the
      >>There are 3.22 Million Indians in America;
      >>38% of Doctors in America are Indians.
      >>12% of Scientists in America are Indians.
      >>36% of NASA employees are Indians.
      >>34% of MICROSOFT employees are Indians
      >>28% of IBM employees are Indians
      >>17% of INTEL employees are Indians
      >>13% of XEROX employees are Indians
      >>You may know some of these facts.
      >>Now we can understand why "corporate" America has
      started leaning
      >>heavily on towards India! Not only America. and now
      Germany and
      >>Kingdom also.
      >>If any Indian read this mail, all what I want to say
      is 'You have
      >>Well! and want to learn from you.
      >>Can Pakistan produce, proportionally, similar
      statistics? If not,
      >>Can Arab countries produce, proportionally, similar
      statistics? If
      >>Is it just the education infrastructure, political
      influences, the
      >>government involvements, war, ethnic problem or
      something else? WHY
      >>WHAT made us go backward?
      >>This is the time to think!
      >>What we are doing? Where we are? What is next? What
      we have to do?
      >>Do you remember India during Indra Ghandi's days?
      How come they
      >>reach this stage within a short period? Isn't it a
      good lesson for
      >>to learn?.

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