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Developer of the Month: Taha Shahid and Asif Razzak I am extremely pleased to announce that Mr. M. Taha Shahid and Mr. Asif A. Razzak have jointly won the Developer of the Month Award for the month of March,
Zia Khan
8:32 AM
Node.js Test 2 Results Here are the test results for Node.js Test 2, everyone who has score of less the 9 will retake the test next Saturday (April 26): Max Marks: 15Passing Marks: 9
Zia Khan
7:27 AM
Panacloud Logo Attached Panacloud Logo is attached. It has been designed by one of the best designers in Pakistan: Mr. Asif Shah. He is also a shareholder in Panacloud.
Zia Khan
1:02 AM
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Next Step: Panacloud (Pvt) Ltd. has been incorporated We have been testing our business model during the last two years, now is the time to take the next logical step. Just heard news from our lawyers that our
Zia Khan
12:03 AM
Free Seminar on Mobile, Wearable and Cloud Computing We will hold a free seminar on Mobile, Wearable, and Cloud Computing this Sunday at 1:00 pm in Sir Syed University. We will cover latest web technologies like
Zia Khan
Apr 16
Google Glass App Directory https://plus.google.com/106602236252005267001/posts
Zia Khan
Apr 15
Google Glass Development Without Glass http://elekslabs.com/2013/11/google-glass-development-without-glass.html
Zia Khan
Apr 15
Get the Android Wear SDK Now http://developer.android.com/wear/preview/start.html Even if youÆre not a developer you might want to download and install the developer preview of Android
Zia Khan
Apr 15
Must Watch: Android Wear https://plus.google.com/events/cphvuqur49q31jonj3e5vdu59ls We will also try to get this for our students as soon as Android Wear is available.
Zia Khan
Apr 15
Must Watch: Google Glass http://www.lynda.com/Glass-tutorials/Introducing-Google-Glass/160817-2.html We are trying to get this for our Saylani and Sir Syed Students and Developers. We
Zia Khan
Apr 15
Project Tango, Google’s 3D mapping initiative http://venturebeat.com/2014/04/11/5-ways-project-tango-googles-3d-mapping-initiative-can-change-the-way-we-interact-with-tech/
Zia Khan
Apr 12
Google Glass available to anyone for one day only http://edition.cnn.com/2014/04/10/tech/innovation/google-glass-april-15/
Zia Khan
Apr 11
Android to merge with Chrome http://www.citeworld.com/article/2140828/mobile-byod/report-chrome-may-merge-with-next-version-of-android.html
Zia Khan
Apr 11
Mobile Classes starting in Sir Syed University Complete details are attached.
Zia Khan
Apr 10
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It's Better To Be A Software Programmer Than A Doctor In 2014 http://www.businessinsider.com.au/be-a-software-programmer-not-a-doctor-2014-2
Zia Khan
Apr 8
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Was Windows 8 a Mistake? Microsoft Seems to Think So http://mashable.com/2014/04/05/microsoft-windows-8-retreat/?utm_content=feature_title&utm_cid=mash-prod-email-topstories&utm_emailalert=daily&utm_source=newsle
Zia Khan
Apr 7
Microsoft also gets Angular Religion :) http://channel9.msdn.com/Events/Build/2014?sort=sequential&direction=desc&term=angular#theSessions
Zia Khan
Apr 4
Microsoft makes WinJS Open Source http://www.cnet.com/news/to-attract-developers-microsoft-opens-up-web-app-technology/
Zia Khan
Apr 3
Windows is Free for Tablets and Mobile Windows is free for Tablets and Mobiles, it is late but better than never.http://www.businessinsider.com/microsofts-new-ceo-satya-nadella-2014-4
Zia Khan
Apr 3
    Zia Khan
    Apr 3
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    Update on Team 5 Selection Now the test for Team 5 will be held on May 3 not on April 19th. The complete updated information is included below: As you know we are currently in the
    Zia Khan
    Apr 2
    Angular Test Results for Team 4 Following are the AngularJS Test Results for Team 4: Max Marks: 20 M. Naveed Jabbar 14Ali Ahmed 13Muhammed Bilal Raza 12Bader Ahmed Sheikh 11Hafiz Ahmed Raza
    Zia Khan
    Apr 1
    FW: Congratulations 2014 Microsoft MVP! From: support@... To: ziaukhan@... Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2014 08:27:07 -0500 Subject: Congratulations 2014 Microsoft MVP! Dear Zia Khan,
    Zia Khan
    Apr 1
    Starting studying Android Book for Team 5 Today I and Zeeshan Hanif are going to start studying the following
    Zia Khan
    Apr 1
    Paper Books I have contacted Fair Book for Hard copies of our Books:Fair Books Center, Urdu Bazar, KarachiContact Person: SalamTel: 0300-216-0592I have asked Salam to
    Zia Khan
    Apr 1
    Google: Android Wear http://www.theverge.com/2014/3/18/5522226/google-reveals-android-wear-an-operating-system-designed-for http://developer.android.com/wear/index.html
    Zia Khan
    Mar 31
    Saylani Level 1 Karachi Batch 1 Final Results Attached you will find the final results of Saylani Level 1 for Karachi Batch 1. All those who have received grades A, B, and C have been promoted to the next
    Zia Khan
    Mar 29
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      Saylani L1 Karachi B1 Results.xlsx
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    Planning for Lahore From this Sunday our Karachi activities will be fully operational. The Karachi Saylani and Sir Syed can now run without me and other managers have taken over
    Zia Khan
    Mar 28
    Selection for Team Five: Android Development As you know we are current in the process of developing a Android Development Team called Team 5. To select team members we will hold a test on April 19th at
    Zia Khan
    Mar 27
    Eight Developers Selected for Team Four We want to expand our software development activities and want to organize it formally. A process is underway to register a company. Currently we have a team
    Zia Khan
    Mar 25
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