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UK/US to launch an attack on 13/03 regardless of UN vote outcome

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    For HTML presentation of this page, click http://www.gasing.com/news/hot_topics1 UK/US to launch an attack on 13/03 regardless of UN vote outcome ... London s
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      For HTML presentation of this page, click http://www.gasing.com/news/hot_topics1

      UK/US to launch an attack on 13/03 regardless of UN vote outcome
      London's Sunday Telegraph reported that Washington and London were prepared to launch an attack immediately after a new Security Council vote, regardless of its outcome. The newspaper quoted an unnamed minister as saying: "There is a sense of immediacy. It will be two, three weeks from now. Not longer." Britain's best-selling Sun newspaper said a US-led war on Iraq could start as early as March 13, just a day after a new Iraq resolution is put to a vote at the Security Council.

      Is Viagra for Women An Illusion ?
      Their efforts were spurred on by a 1999 study said 43 percent of women have difficulties with sex. Decision Resources estimates the global market for an effective treatment at between $2.7 billion to $3.2 billion by 2006.

      Refused to return stolen cultural relics....
      The British Museum is unlikely to return China's Dunhuang Cave treasures and other stolen cultural relics following its statement yesterday that it has decided to not give back Greece's famous Elgin Marbles. The Marbles were looted from the Parthenon in Athens in the early 1800s by Lord Elgin, the British Ambassador to Greece.

      Garage Sales - a booming business in Singapore as economy slows !!
      With prices as low as 50 cents, garage sales are becoming more popular; many even note sales dates in their diaries. ONCE a month, groups of Japanese housewives don aprons - their 'uniforms' - and become 'salesgirls'.They sell anything, from Christmas wreaths to metal pots, from children's clothes to cupboards - and from prices as low as 50 cents. Like bona fide retailers, they have different 'departments' for the different items, all of which are price-tagged. Their 'shop' is not located in a swanky Orchard Road mall but at a function room in their condominium, or in one of their homes.

      Five Vital Lessons From Iraq
      The Iraq crisis has already pointed up a number of valuable lessons. So far I have identified five:
      Lesson I. We have been reminded that France is not to be trusted at any time, on any issue.
      Lesson II.  The Germans are capable of loyalty and even gratitude.
      Lesson III. The U.N. represents legitimacy and projects an aura of idealism.
      Lesson IV. The split within NATO underscores the fact that in its present form and composition NATO is out of date.
      Lesson V. The U.S. must not merely possess the means to act alone if necessary; it must also cultivate the will.

      Containing Saddam...it's about whether war is the only option !
      This makes these marches very different from those in the 1960s and early 1970s against the Vietnam war, when many protesters felt strong sympathy with the North Vietnamese and their leader, Ho Chi Minh. Unlike then, the disagreement is not one about objectives, nor, really, about the analysis of the problem. It is about whether a peaceful solution can still be found, as the marchers hope, or whether war is the only option.

      Licence to kill - Thai style !!
      BANGKOK: A day after Thailand's prime minister said the death toll in his government's crackdown on illicit drugs exceeded 1,100 people, police announced slightly lower figures Sunday and moved to allay fears over the killings. The number of suspected drug dealers gunned down in the month-old campaign has risen almost hourly, raising concerns among human rights groups and the United Nations that police officers have been carrying out extra-judicial killings. So far, 1,035 people have been killed, including 31 suspects who were shot by officers in anti-drug operations, according to police spokesman Maj. Gen. Pongsaphat Pongcharoen.

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