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Starving North Korea ...a hungry-dog-forced-to-jump-over-the-wall situation !!

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    For HTML presentation of this page, click http://www.gasing.com/news/hot_topics Eating baby in China (with pictorial) ... Channel 4 was yesterday back in the
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 26, 2003

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      Eating baby in China (with pictorial)
      "Channel 4 was yesterday back in the dock over plans to broadcast a programme showing a performance artist eating the flesh of a dead baby."         

      One Kind Of A Bridge...A Result Of A Neighbourly Quarrel? (with pictorial)
      "Media Statement by Parliamentary Opposition Leader, DAP Secretary-General and MP for Tanjong, Lim Kit Siang, in Petaling Jaya on Sunday, 24th January 1999:
      Call on Mahathir or Daim to convince Malaysians that the RM2 billion new Malaysia-Singapore bridge proposal is in the best interests of Malaysians and not to bail-out the Second Link and troubled companies associated with it, including Renong, UEM and Prolink."

      Singapore-Malaysia Water Dispute: Is it worth it?
      "Let's lay down the fact!

      Current Price ( Raw Water )
      RM 0.03 / 1000 gal

      Malaysia Offer ( Raw Water )
      RM 0.03 till 2001
      RM 0.60 2002 - 2007
      RM 3.00 2011 - 2161

      Singapore Request ( Raw Water )
      RM 0.45 till 2011
      RM 0.60 2011 - 2161

      Hong Kong / Guang Dong
      1999 onwards
      HK$ 3.08 / cu m
      or HK$14 / 1000 gal
      or RM 7 / 1000 gal

      (estimated RM 2.50 is required to treat raw water into clean water)
      RM 2.53 / 1000 gal  (clean water) -- current price
      RM 3.00 + RM 2.50 = RM 5.50       -- M'sia Request
      RM 0.60 + RM 2.50 = RM 3.10       -- S'pore Offer
      RM 7 / 1000 gal *                 -- HK / Guang Dong

      * Hong Kong water supply from Guang Dong is at HK$ 3.08 / cu m (1999) OR HK$ 14 / 1000 gal OR RM 7/ 1000 gal (Link to Ming Po Article )

      Seawater Plant awarded by S'pore Government is to supply at S$0.78 per cu m or RM 7.80 / 1000 gal of clean water. (Link to Straits Times)

      Annually, Singapore will require 300 million galloon per day by 2010, at RM3 per 1000 gal, it works out to be RM 0.9 million per day or RM 328 million per year or less than S$150 million per year.
      Is it worth it? Maybe the parties involved should ponder and reflect over what it would lead to if present stalemate persist !! "

      Starving North Korea ... a hungry-dog-forced-to-jump-over-the-wall situation !!
      "The World Food Programme has been forced to axe support for three million people and reduce rations for 3.2 million of the most needy, including babies, orphans, lactating women and the elderly. Cuts in the government's food distribution system mean that school children must now get by on 300 grams a day, compared with 500 grams in the past."

      Oil in iraq: few outside the industry understand how high the stakes !!
      "Oil is at the heart of the crisis that leads towards a US war against Iraq. Few outside the industry understand just how high the stakes in Iraq really are and how much the history of the world oil industry is a history of power, national rivalry and military force."

      Taiwan Beer banned !! Because China want it to change its named!
      "A governing party lawmaker yesterday accused China of bullying Taiwan into changing the name of its most popular beer - Taiwan Beer - when the drink is sold on the mainland."


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