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RE: [jasspa] Extending ME

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    ... Time to learn it then... whenever I get some time. OK, now I understand the undo mode. I like it more :) ... Normally what they do is read the included
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 7, 2004
      >Writing an email like this is contributing to ME, as for lisp I can't
      >write it either, ME uses its own macro language which is pretty
      >straight forward (okay so some of my code looks anything but :)

      Time to learn it then... whenever I get some time.

      OK, now I understand the undo mode. I like it more :)

      >Agreed, does anyone know who these editors do this? I assume the
      >information must be pre-compiled as it is very time consuming
      >extracting all the methods from a class. I don't foresee a similar
      >feature in ME unless someone knows of a sensible way to implement it.

      Normally what they do is read the included files, so they have to
      understand a 'little' of the language syntax to be able to do so. Some
      of them even understand the "whatever = new class ()" and relate
      whatever to the class methods and so on. It doesn't sound like anything
      easy and can be slow sometimes (the system has to be calculating as you
      type, unless you want to have it all in memory).

      It would be an useful feature, but it surely looks complex to

      >The look-back abbreviation can help to a degree but...

      Maybe it can be configured the same way but also reading the included
      files, to me it sounds like a good compromise, activate manually (so
      you don't have the continuous overhead) but parse the "included" files
      too (then we get to the problem of included files that include others
      and so on).

      >On user-setup -> Start-Up there is the MS Shift Key option for region
      >selection using the shift key, and I have added a 'MS Friendly keys'
      >option (not sure if this was in ME'02) which rebinds home, C-home,
      >C-end, C-v and esc C-v appropriately, BUT Emacs & windows key bindings
      >are incompatible! The most common mistake I make when going from one
      the other is using the 'C-x' & 'C-c' to cut and copy text which in
      >Emacs/ME are absolutely central keys and cannot be rebound without
      >destroying the complete Emacs environment. I have laid the foundation
      >of a compatibility mode which could be used to change ME from an Emacs

      >style editor to a Windows style editor but this has not, to my
      >knowledge, been utilized - see user-setup -> Start-Up -> Emulate

      I know it is the complete opposite to Emacs' way of working, but it may
      make the difference to get to new users (even if it is not completely

      >See the abbreviation support, you can create whatever abbreviations
      >wish in the <fhook>.eaf file and then type the abbrev label and
      >the abbrev command (usually expand-abbrev-handler, bound to esc esc,
      >which incorporates several abbreviation expansion methods including
      >eaf, look-back and iso accent expansion for accented letters)

      Then maybe a set of general macros that can be chosen (ideally from the
      GUI) for any given language, and it will fill in the right things
      (begin-end for Pascal, {} for C, etc).

      Anyway, these are just suggestions and my personal opinion.


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