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[jasspa] Re: hilight schemes -- SQL -- Sybase variant

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  • Jon Green
    Thomas, To free up space in the hilighting then you create groups using the hilight 0x200 syntax. So consider the hilighting tags:- hilight
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 29, 1999

      To free up space in the hilighting then you create groups using
      the "hilight <id> 0x200 <name>" syntax.

      So consider the hilighting tags:-

      hilight .hilight.sql 1 "operation" .scheme.keyword
      hilight .hilight.sql 1 "operator" .scheme.keyword
      hilight .hilight.sql 1 "operators" .scheme.keyword

      Now, group the common components by introducing a new tag:-

      hilight .hilight.sql 0x200 "operat"
      hilight .hilight.sql 1 "operation" .scheme.keyword
      hilight .hilight.sql 1 "operator" .scheme.keyword
      hilight .hilight.sql 1 "operators" .scheme.keyword

      This has the effect of optimising the hilighting and reduces the
      size of the lookup table.

      I suggest that you fold as many of the sections up like this to
      give you more room in the tables. (See hknroff.emf for an example)

      OK so you don't like hacking vendor code. Well I suggest that you
      take the existing 'hksql' file in it's entirity. Make as many
      changes as you like to get the hilighting working for Sybase. Add
      some macro tools if you need to. When you have finished then mail
      it back to the Vendor. I'm damned sure that in this case the
      Vendor will be very pleased that you did it and will probably turn
      it into Vendor code with your permission !!

      According to the current documentation the "hksql" provides
      minimal hilighting. This basically means it does some hilighting
      and not a lot else.


      Thomas Hundt wrote:
      > I was trying to add some missing Sybase keywords to the hilight scheme for SQL (hksql.emf, which really seems to be for BNF, not SQL) but I get the message "Table full, can't add <newkeyword>, optimise!" (where <newkeyword> is something like return, datetime, print, etc. that are keywords in Sybase SQL).
      > I tried deleting ones that aren't needed, to free up space:
      > -1 hilight .hilight.sql 1 "actor"
      > -1 hilight .hilight.sql 1 "absolute"
      > but this didn't actually free up any space :-)
      > So now I'm down to commenting out hksql.emf lines, which I know will work, or rewriting it for Sybase only (and having two versions of hksql lying around). I don't like hacking vendor code, and was wondering if there was a better way. A variable that sets the size of the hilight buffers, or some way to add to the size of them, or maybe a "reoptimise" command that makes deletions free up space.
      > Suggestions, ideas?
      > Thanks,
      > -Th
      > p.s. Obviously, I *love* the hilighting... its capabilities are amazing!
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