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[jasspa] Re: prefix5 - off subject - the Alt key.

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  • Jonathan Naughton-Green
    Another thing, while I think about it, leading on from my last posting.The Alt key is currently a modifier key.The Alt-Gr key is currently
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 14, 1999
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      Another thing, while I think about it, leading on from my last

      The "Alt" key is currently a modifier key.

      The "Alt-Gr" key is currently internally transposed to
      "A-C" i.e. Alt-Ctrl.

      Should the "Alt" and "Alt-Gr" keys be treated independently
      such that "Alt-Gr" is a modifier key in it's own right ??

      After playing with GNU Emacs, it ceretainly treats "Alt" and
      "Alt-Gr" as different keys. The default bindings "Alt-c" => "M-c"
      which capitalises a word, "Alt-Gr-c" does nothing.

      If my understanding is correct, the likes of German, French keyboards
      use the "Alt-Gr" to map to thier own language key extensions to
      the keyboard, is this translation also applied on the
      "Alt" key by convention ??



      Jon Green J.D.Naughton-Green

      SAMSUNG Electronics Ltd
      Samsung Electronics Research Institute (Audio / Visual Labs)


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