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Cygwin support.

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  • Jon Green
    A BETA version of JASSPA s MicroEmacs supporting the Cygwin environment is now available from http://www.jasspa.com with August 2001 source patches
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 15, 2001
      A BETA version of JASSPA's MicroEmacs supporting the Cygwin
      environment is now available from http://www.jasspa.com with
      August 2001 source patches and executables. The download is in
      the August 2001 download list.


      --- Cygwin README ---

      This is an update to the August 2001 release and includes a
      JASSPA MicroEmacs port to Cygwin. This bundle contains both the
      executable images and source patches for Cygwin 1.3.2(0.39/3/2)
      which I think is the latest Cygwin that is kicking around the
      WWW. This is a BETA version of the software, it has not undergone
      full testing yet, although is close enough to be useful for some
      individuals. The executable images have only been exercised under

      The executables should be installed into "/usr/local/bin" within
      the "cygwin" directory. The macro files may be installed under
      "/usr/local/microemacs" as per a UNIX install OR (what I do)
      share the Windows installation macros. To share the Windows
      installation files then you need to access these as explicitly
      from the UNIX domain i.e. "/cygdrive/c/...." or through another
      mount if you have set one up.

      There are 2 supplied executables:-

      me.exe - JASSPA MicroEmacs with both X-Windows and console

      For X-Windows you can use the XFree cygwin
      installation or use Exceed (I use Exceed 7.1 on the
      local machine). When using the X-Server then make
      sure that the DISPLAY variable is set i.e.

      export DISPLAY=localhost:0.0

      If the DISPLAY variable is not set then a console
      version should run. To explicitly run the console
      then run "me" with a -n e.g.

      me -n <files>

      menox.exe - JASSPA MicroEmacs with no X-Windows support.
      Simply runs a console version.

      The console version does not seem to support
      color at the moment; not sure why, need to look
      into this. In addition the window resize does not
      work, however if you start running with a larger
      window then it will pick up the size correctly
      (less 1 line - not sure what this is yet either!)

      Building From Source

      The executables may be built from source using 'make'. To
      build the X-Windows version then you need the X11R6
      distribution installed into your cygwin tree. I have not
      actually tried building without this installed so any
      feedback would be appreciated. The console version (men)
      should build without the X-Windows using a standard Cygwin

      Add the patches supplied to the source tree and then build

      make -f cygwin.gmk me # X-Windows + console.
      make -f cygwin.gmk men # Console only.


      There is a new macro file called "cygwin.emf" this
      initialises the system for Cygwin. This should be installed
      into the macros directory. Things like "man", "diff" bindings
      are installed in here.


      The "ishell" command does not appear to work. This requires
      some more investigation. If this is started then issue the
      command "M-x ipipe-kill" to kill the session. This does run
      from the Windows "me32.exe" so there must be some other
      problem here.

      Performance on Windows '98, NT or XP is unknown, the
      executable images have only been tested on W2K.

      Other reports should be directed back to JASSPA using the
      normal reporting mechanisms.

      Jon Green
      15th December 2001
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