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Re: [jasspa] Some questions

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  • Steven Phillips
    Martin 1) FTP Password, The best security is to only put the user name in the file name, i.e.: ftp:// @ /..... You will then be prompted once
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 19, 2001

      1) FTP Password,

      The best security is to only put the user name in the file name, i.e.:


      You will then be prompted once for the password and all files loaded from
      that site will have a ftp://<user>@<address>/... file name (i.e. the
      password is not shown). The password is also not written out at all so its
      much safer than any other mode.

      The one pain with this is that you have to remember and type in your
      password every time you start a new ME, so the solution to this is to use a
      registry file in the ftp GUI. In the GUI you set a registry file name which
      you must protect as this will have the password in it, on unix you can make
      it readable by only yourself (and root) on windows (being windows) this is
      more difficult. If this security is not good enough then don't read on. Once
      you have a registry file create a site by entering the Site Name ("foo"
      say), Host Address, User name and password, from then on you can load files
      from this site using just the site name "foo", i.e. ftp://foo/... so again
      the password is not shown (having said that the bloody things just crashed
      on me - I've been chasing that bug for some time! I now have a fix)

      There is a way and it depends on which version you are using, if you are
      using the latest version with the nice new buffer-setup stuff then its an
      option on the html buffer setup. On older versions it varies so I suggest
      you load hkhtml and find the command fhook-html. near the top of that
      function it will test the value of a variable (something like %html-browser
      (if memory serves)) create a myhtml.emf file in your area and set this
      variable appropriately. If you have problems send me your hkhtml.emf file
      and I'll send back a myhtml.emf.

      The documentation is written in nroff, this is then converted to html using
      some in-house tools, the html is then converted to ehf using me and
      ehftools, the html browser macro code in htmltool.emf is used.

      You should only be prompted "Are you sure" if you've modified the buffer, if
      the buffer is not modified delete-buffer (C-x k) should just kill the
      buffer. If the menu version does not prompt when you have modified the
      buffer then this is a bug!

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      Using ME I discovered a potential security risk: If I'm using the ftp
      command, the user:password is shown for each loaded file in the status
      line. Can the password be hidden?

      Another thing: If I'm using ME as a html browser, always the HTML is shown
      as source. Can this be changed for default? Sorry - I think this question
      may have been asked a several times, but I cannot find something in the

      BTW: What tools are being used to create the documentation? All looks very
      perfect - congratulations! I would like to write some own documentation fpr
      another project. How is it done - TeX?

      If I kill a buffer with C-x k, I'm always asked, if I'm shure. If I use the
      menu, I'm not asked. Can I switch this confirming off?


      Martin Döring


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