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[jasspa] Re: Organizer question.

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  • Jon
    I assume that you are using font Courier New - this is a bad font to use because the vertical character spacing is deep at 10 point. If you use Courier
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 26, 2000
      I assume that you are using font "Courier New" - this is a bad
      font to use because the vertical character spacing is deep
      at 10 point. If you use "Courier" then you can fit everything
      onto the screen. Ideally you need to get "Ludica Console"
      from a Windows '98 box - this (I think) produces the
      best font rendering of the available mono fonts - this
      works on '95 (because I always copy this onto any
      '95 box that I use). Copying it can be bit of a problem
      because Windows tries to be smart within Explorer.
      Best way to do it is to simply copy the file using
      a DOS-BOX to a floppy. As a comparison of the fonts on
      a 800x600 display at 10 point (Rows x Colums):-

      Courier New: 36 x 99 chars
      Courier: 44 x 99 chars
      Lucida Console: 44 x 99 chars
      Lucida Console (8pt): 52 x 114 chars

      Organizer requires 41 lines minimum, we do kind of
      assume that 50 lines is the typical minimum. Failing
      this then the A-up and A-down keys will move the
      dialog up and down.

      On my Compaq Aero which is 640x480 ('95) then I
      use "Lucida Console" at 8pt. This gives me 41x91
      which just fits the organizer - so 800x600 is
      loads more space !!


      fourje wrote:
      > I'd like to use the "organizer" function of jasspa. Problem is, when I
      > execute it, the panel that is display is "WAY" too big for my screen
      > (win95, 800x600) so I cannot access the tabs on the top of the panel.
      > Is there any thing I can do to correct this??
      > Thanks in advance.
      > Dave E.
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