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[jasspa] Re: Highlighting anomalies -- when deleting tokens

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  • Jon Green
    OK, must be a problem here. However I would suggest that you have a separate hilighting scheme for your phone book file. i.e. hkphone.emf In your user.emf then
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 15, 2000
      OK, must be a problem here. However I would suggest that
      you have a separate hilighting scheme for your phone
      book file.

      i.e. hkphone.emf

      In your user.emf then add a file hook to bring this
      in with a magic string i.e.

      -1 add-file-hook "-[*!]-[ \t]*phone.*-[*!]-" fhook-phone ; -!- phone -!-

      Then in your phone.txt file use the magic string (noting
      that ';' is a comment in your phone hilighting).

      ; -!- phone -!-

      You can then still call the file phone.txt or whatever,
      the magic string overrides the default extension setting.

      If you did this then you would not need to open multiple
      sessions as there would be no conflicts in the different
      scheme requirements. The phone.emf is simply constructed
      by copying the original hook file and adding the
      additional hilight tokens.


      Thomas Hundt wrote:
      > Ok here's another totally obscure behavior/bug.
      > For a certain class of text files (phone lists, in this case, which have a special format: fields are tagged by identifiers like H= for home number and W= for work number) I add a few highlighting tokens:
      > ; mydoc.emf thundt rev 10 12-Mar-00
      > define-macro my-fhook-doc
      > :
      > :
      > ;-----
      > ; Special settings for *phone.txt files
      > ;-----
      > !if &isequal "phone.txt" &right $buffer-fname &sub &len $buffer-fname 9 9
      > -39 buffer-mode ; wrap mode off
      > set-variable $screen-width 120
      > ; Special highlighting for phone.txt
      > hilight .hilight.txt 0 "[A-Za-z]+=" .scheme.keyword ; E=xxx
      > hilight .hilight.txt 0 ";" .scheme.comment
      > hilight .hilight.txt 0x002 "^\*=" .scheme.variable ; *=xxx
      > ; .variable = grn, .keyword = blu, .header = org, .comment = red
      > ml-write "[special settings for *phone.txt loaded]"
      > !else
      > ; Delete special highlighting for phone.txt
      > ; (because we don't want it happening in letter_to_mom.txt)
      > -1 hilight .hilight.txt 0 "[A-Za-z]+="
      > -1 hilight .hilight.txt 0 ";"
      > -1 hilight .hilight.txt 0x002 "^\*="
      > !endif
      > :
      > :
      > !emacro
      > Now, this basically works as intended. When I edit a file named xyzphone.txt, the tokens "H=" and "W=" and ";" and "*=ABC" are highlighted in pretty colors. Right.
      > But, when I then edit a file named foo.txt, and hope these little artifacts go away, I see instead a weird, new form of highlighting: the exact same tokens are discolored or shaded (not colored, but more like the way the current line is brighter than the normal text). For example, semicolons are reverse video. "W=" tokens are the same color as the current line highlight.
      > My suspicion is that the deletion isn't actually taking (since ME still, obviously, is finding the tokens) and the colors are mostly being deleted.
      > The current workaround is simply to use a different ME after editing phone.txt files.
      > N.b. I use the Black on Cream color scheme.
      > -Th
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