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Re: [jasspa] Re: hi MicroEmacs Users and developers !!

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  • Thomas Hundt
    Note: my suggestion pertained to running ME inside an xterm (in other words, me -n or the mec version which is console-only). Not as a native X app. So,
    Message 1 of 5 , May 16 11:05 PM
      Note: my suggestion pertained to running ME inside an xterm (in other
      words, 'me -n' or the 'mec' version which is console-only). Not as a
      native X app. So, if it's in a console window, and you've already
      figured out how to get the console window transparent, ME will be
      transparent, too (if you set the right background color). That's the
      theory, anyway. Maybe, as Jon says below, it's not possible.

      Re ncurses, I think most people, most of the time, use it as a native X
      app. And yes, you're probably right, ncurses/terminfo is newer than
      straight termcap... but every system I've seen so far has some kind of
      libtermcap available, so is there really a reason to retarget it? (For
      me, for example, I wouldn't spend time on that, since it works very well
      -- I'd rather port it to be a native Mac app, as that's where my
      interests lie at the moment.)

      Have fun

      -Tom Hundt

      Pablo Mercader Alcantara wrote:
      > Good nights !
      > I thought that this would be easier, i couldn't make transparent the
      > me's background on the X (i'm using gnome-terminal and
      > xfce4-terminal). i was thinking that this is a dummy subject, and
      > right now i don't have the time to play with me source (i'm a newbie,
      > but i've never fear the code and won't start now), so i'll kind of
      > retire from this battle, but i'll be back.
      > By now i've only read something about termcap and i've made all kind
      > of modifications to scheme files, but i haven't found anything that
      > does what i want. I just wanted to use me as i used emacs with the
      > sintax and everything in the transparent background, it was nice. but
      > i guess i'll have to do it later.
      > mmm ... one final question, me uses termcap to handle the screen and
      > the input (in a xterm), but what about ncurses, i think that emacs
      > uses ncurses, i know that it would be hard work to re-write me to use
      > ncurses insted of termcap, but isn't ncurses a better library, better
      > than termcap ??
      > --- In jasspa@yahoogroups.com, thundt <thundt@...> wrote:
      >> Hey, if it's a console xterm type of window, then the transparent might
      >> map to one of the ansi colors... anything displayed in that color comes
      >> out as transparent...
      >> If that's the case, then all you have to do is either map the right
      >> color (for the scheme ME is using) in the xterm, or, map the right
      > color
      >> (the one for "transparent") in the ME scheme. You can use the scheme
      >> editor, or edit a scheme manually. (I hacked a schemeXX.emf file
      >> manually once, let me know if you want me to send it.) The ansi colors
      >> (I think there are 16 combinations: 8 colors each in "bright" and
      >> "normal" versions) are a subset of the available colors (8-bit rgb)
      >> defined in the scheme file.
      >> Hope this helps...
      >> -Tom
      >> Jon Green wrote:
      >>> Pablo Mercader Alcantara wrote:
      >>>> I feel very happy that a text editor like MicroEmacs exists, i
      > love it
      >>>> just like it is. But I had two little inconvinients using it, one is
      >>>> the multi-byte files thing, and the other one is that i liked the
      >>>> transparent background on linux consoles and it doesn't work with
      >>>> micro emacs.
      >>>> I already hear that the first one is very hard to solve, but what
      >>>> about the second one transparent background on linux consoles,
      > what do
      >>>> i have to seek for ?? is there any place where i can change the color
      >>>> maping ?? where is it ??.
      >>>> i so that "Jeremy" wrote a message about this (#972) but no one
      > aswered...
      >>>> i sopose that i'll have to recompile it.
      >>>> Thankyou guys !!!
      >>> Hi Pablo,
      >>> With respect to multi-byte, a few people have asked but there as
      > been no
      >>> real attempt to look at this in any detail. So this is one for the
      >>> future if it really becomes necessary - for the time being then no.
      >>> As for transparent backgrounds, you are referring to the console
      > here,
      >>> rather then the X-window. There is no code in here that supports the
      >>> transparent background and will need a source code change.
      >>> We are too busy at the moment to look at this, but if you are able to
      >>> make the necessary changes in the termcap code then you could
      > attempt to
      >>> implement it yourself. I did look at it briefly about a year ago and
      >>> felt that it would not be too difficult.
      >>> Regards
      >>> Jon.
      >> --
      >> Thomas Hundt <tom@...>
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