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Re: [jasspa] ME 2006 - a couple of questions

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  • Rick Owen
    I just read my own message and question number 2 requires some clarification. It s not all about me (Rick), it s about ME (the editor). I can just picture
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 24, 2006
      I just read my own message and question number 2 requires some clarification.  It's not all about me (Rick), it's about ME (the editor).  I can just picture some of you thinking, "Now how the hell would we know that he needs a Coldfusion mode?".  Sorry.  I'm really not that vain that I think people just anticipate my needs.  :)


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      Subject: [jasspa] ME 2006 - a couple of questions

      I am using ME 2006 on a WinXPPro platform.  I am still using almost all the default settings. 
      Question 1:
      I have enabled the toolbar that shows on the left side of the screen.  I have enabled on the top half of the toolbar the directory tree and on the bottom half of the toolbar the file tree.  My question is this: Is there any way to make the file tree respond to clicks on the directory tree.  Right now, if I click in the directory tree, it creates a new buffer to display the results.  I would want it to display the results by refresh the directory tree to show the default directory (assuming you clicked on a directory) and the file tree to show the contents of the new directory. Is this possible?
      Question 2:
      Has someone created a Coldfusion mode for me?
      PS.  So far, ME 2006 has been rock solid in my use -- both on local files and editing files using ftp.

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