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Re: [jasspa] Bug in meAtoi -- leading zeros

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  • Thomas Hundt
    Yeah I guess it *is* documented -- on the help page macroOverview(4), MACRO LANGUAGE OVERVIEW : All variables are treated as strings within MicroEmacs so the
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 20, 2005
      Yeah I guess it *is* documented -- on the help page macroOverview(4),

      All variables are treated as strings within MicroEmacs so the integer
      value of 102 is the string "102". Where functions require an integer
      argument (i.e. &add) the strings are converted to integers, operated on
      and converted back to a string result. Floating point notation is not

      Integers may be expressed in different bases:

      0xXXX - Hexadecimal notation i.e. 0x12af.
      0oooo - Octal notation requires a leading 012673.
      ddddd - Decimal notation 12345.

      It just took me by surprise, I guess because other things (e.g., the Esc
      arg or universal-argument) are locked in as decimal.



      Phillips, Steven wrote:
      > Changing meAtoi to not handle C style base numeric notation would
      > most definitely break a lot of things - see me.emf or grep for '0x'
      > in the macros directory.
      > The hex notation is used a lot as any numbers used for a bit based
      > flag are far more readable in hex. The octal form is certainly used
      > very rarely (the only place I can think of where it is used is with
      > routines than manipulate the $buffer-fmod variable on unix) so
      > removing support for octal would have less impact, but by using
      > strtol ME is using a standard numerical form understood by any C/C++
      > programmer. For this reason I am reluctant to change it.
      > Steve
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      >> Thomas Hundt Sent: Monday, December 19, 2005 7:18 PM To: JASSPA
      >> MicroEmacs Mailing List (W) Subject: [jasspa] Bug in meAtoi --
      >> leading zeros
      >> From what I can see there is a bug in the atoi routine used.
      >> I first noticed this when I was trying to remove leading zeroes
      >> from part of the ascii-time variable:
      >> define-macro test set-variable #l1 "09" insert-string #l1
      >> insert-string " -> " set-variable #l1 &add #l1 0 ; "09" -> "9"
      >> insert-string #l1 newline !emacro
      >> The output of this is 09 -> 0 when it should really be 9 -> 9
      >> If I change the set-variable to "9", it comes out 9 -> 9
      >> I tracked down the function, it ends up being in eval.c case UFADD:
      >> return meItoa(meAtoi(arg1) + meAtoi(arg2));
      >> in eextrn.h it is defined #define meAtoi(s) strtol((char
      >> *)(s),(char **)NULL,0) and the 0 here is the base, and is a special
      >> value meaning, interpret strings beginning with 0x as hex, and
      >> strings beginning with 0 as
      > octal.
      >> Which is why my "09" comes out as zero: 9 is undefined in octal.
      >> Sure enough, if I change my input string to "07", I get 07 -> 7
      >> So, my workaround is going to be to prepend a "1" to make it a
      >> decimal 1xx number and then subtract off the 100:
      >> set-variable #l1 &sub &cat "1" #l1 100 ; "09" -> "9"
      >> What I really want to do is fix the base to be, e.g., 10, but would
      > that
      >> break other things? I don't know.
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