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Re: Random Justification Issues ?

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  • Gadrin
    ... Okay, it s not too big a deal, it just was weird that after several months of normal behavior it suddenly started doing this. What I can t figure out is
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 3, 2005
      Buffer variables:

      :fill-col ..................... "95"
      :fill-mode .................... "L"
      :ofill-col .................... "95"
      :ofill-mode ................... "L"

      Okay, it's not too big a deal, it just was weird that after several
      months of "normal behavior" it suddenly started doing this.

      What I can't figure out is that my writing is strictly left-justified
      and I certainly don't use extra-spacing in my paras, except possibly
      for the odd tab. I do run my right margin a bit ragged and use fill-
      para to straighten things out afterwards.

      I found using C-c C-l in my macros works just as good, except it
      prompts me for "Indent to <<<<<<<< ?" every so often as well.

      Minor deal at this point. As it's easy to answer no and have the
      macro continue on.

      I'm more surprised by the fact that I haven't come across this until

      Thanks for you input, all.

      --- In jasspa@yahoogroups.com, Jon Green <jon@j...> wrote:
      > Hi Gadrin,
      > Yes this old problem. The root cause is the 'smart' (or not so as
      > this case) fill paragraph. It attempts to determine if the text is
      > left/center/right aligned. The 'center' algorithm looks at the
      space on
      > the left and right of the text, if they are the same (+/-1) then it
      > assumes center. Most of the time this is OK EXECPT when it goes
      > and is really annoying. There I times when the indent and lenght of
      > first line cause this problem (i.e. it is content related).
      > When BOTH is enabled it is typically all right once you get the
      left and
      > right sorted out correctly. I know this is really annoying, but I
      > that you might have a case that it has got worse, certainly I have
      > noticed this more recently. As I find it so annoying I will have
      > look over the algorithm that is used and see if we can make it a
      > less sensitive to automatically dropping into the center mode.
      > I do not think that using ifill-paragraph makes much difference as
      > underlying justification is performed by fill-paragraph. Maybe we
      > add a control to completely disable center justification unless
      > - I do not use it that often except explicitly.
      > Regards
      > Jon.
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