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Re: Duplicating an Installation

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  • Gadrin
    Thanks Jon I ll give that a try. ... use ... (like ... the distribution. If you do ... directory and copy the file ... settings/.....) and then edit your ...
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 10, 2005
      Thanks Jon I'll give that a try.

      --- In jasspa@yahoogroups.com, Jon Green <jon@j...> wrote:
      > Gadrin wrote:
      > > I do most of my coding/writing on my laptop, but occaisionally I
      > > another computer.
      > >
      > > besides the ME.EMF is there a way to duplicate the other options
      > > those set in User-Setup, Tools) etc ?
      > >
      > me.emf should not be edited, it is a static file that is part of
      the distribution. If you do
      > want to change this then leave the original me.emf in the macros
      directory and copy the file
      > to your local directory (~/.jasspa/ or c:/documents and
      settings/.....) and then edit your
      > local copy. Your local changed file will be used in preference to
      the original. Infact this
      > goes for all of the files in the macros directory. The reason for
      doing this is if you break
      > it some how then you simply move your private directory out of the
      way (i.e. not on the
      > search path) and you get back to the original and have a better
      chance of finding out what
      > you did wrong.
      > > I thought I saw some instructions on doing a re-install
      > >
      > > ah! here's the link...
      > > http://www.jasspa.com/me/m2nar009.html
      > >
      > > would that work ? or just have to do it by hand ?
      > >
      > Install MicroEmacs as normal on the 2nd machine as normal (do not
      start up editor) and then
      > copy all of the files in
      > Windows: c:/documents and settings/<user>/application data/jasspa
      > OR
      > UNIX: $HOME/.jasspa
      > to the new machine in the same location and off you go. If you are
      on the same architecture
      > you will not need to run user-setup or anything as everything will
      be duplicated. There is
      > nothing on Windows that is held in the registry apart from the
      file type short-cuts,
      > everything else is written to ME files. If you are moving between
      architectures then you
      > will need to do the user-setup again as it is held on a per-
      platform basis but all of your
      > macros and other stuff will be saved.
      > The document that you referred to above describes the patching
      process. Basically you have
      > to be very careful on Windows because you cannot move the
      executable file as it has a
      > horrible side effect of changing the registry locations and things
      can get very messy.
      > All of the macro files can be copied around but the .exe should
      not change location, instead
      > you over-write it with a newer version and may back up the old by
      copying (not moving).
      > Jon.
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