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[jasspa] Re: Setup Path Problems

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  • Detlef Groth
    By the way Steven has given me an other useful tip some months ago, which seems to be for me the best. Create something like the following batch-files: REM
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 13, 1999
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      By the way Steven has given me an other useful tip some months ago, which seems to be for me the best.

      Create something like the following batch-files:

      REM me32a.bat
      set MENAME=user1
      set MEPATH=C:/jemacs99/user;C:/jemacs99/macros;C:/Me/Mehelp
      c:\windows\command\start /max C:\jemacs99\me32.exe -c %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6

      REM me32b.bat
      set MENAME=user2
      set MEPATH=C:/jemacs99/user;C:/jemacs99/macros;C:/Me/Mehelp
      c:\windows\command\start /max C:\jemacs99\me32.exe -c %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6

      and so on. Best is for each project on which you are working a separate file.

      Remove the Me32.ini from the Windows-directory, remove the Me-statements from the autoexec.bat.

      Just run the Me-batch-files adjust user setup to your Mename. If you want to share the same macros in both profiles write at the beginning of user2.emf the command
      execute-file "user1.emf"
      you will have in each profile the same macros but a different session. Be aware that you use the same user-directory !

      I never get different profiles with the Me32.ini or the autoexec.bat working.
      May be using a special command line would be useful for avoiding use of bat-files
      like me32.exe -usera -c ...

      for invoking ME32 without history try a separare profile:

      REM me32.bat
      set MENAME=userx
      set MEPATH=C:/jemacs99/user;C:/jemacs99/macros;C:/Me/Mehelp
      c:\windows\command\start /max C:\jemacs99\me32.exe %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6
      REM -c is removed >> no history for userx


      for invoking ME to work with the DJGPP-tools I use the following:

      REM medjgpp.bat
      set MENAME=djgpp
      set MEPATH=C:/jemacs99/dgroth;C:/jemacs99/macros;C:/Me/Mehelp
      set INFOPATH=C:/djgpp/info
      REM this sets the infopath from c:/info to the djgpp-directory
      c:\windows\command\start /max C:\jemacs99\me32.exe -c %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6

      move this file into your path and you can load each file always with me32 myfile.txt


      At 09:26 10.12.99 +0000, you wrote:
      >Assuming your MEPATH is set to f:\username;e:\me me32 will search for the
      >first occurrence of $MENAME.erf (the setup registry file). If that file does
      >not exist in f:\username then it will look in e:\me, if it does exist there
      >then Setup Path will be set to this (in fact it will be set to e:\me if
      >$MENAME.erf is not found at all).
      >To fix this simply move the $MENAME.* files from e:\me to f:\username, now
      >me32 should find the correct one in the correct place and set Setup Path to
      >If this does not fix the problem then can you please send me your MEPATH
      >setting and the contents of default.emf so that I can try and reproduce the
      >problem. Can you also send me your variable settings (use the main menu's Help
      >-> List Variable) and probably best just filling my mail box rather than the
      >whole egroup.
      >> Subject: [jasspa] Re: Setup Path Problems
      >> From: fourje <fourje@...>
      >> Date: Fri, 10 Dec 1999 09:04:57 +0000
      >> To: jasspa@egroups.com
      >> Steve,
      >> I have MEPATH set in my autoexec.bat, and MENAME is set in default.emf. However,
      >> whenever I open user setup, the setup path is always reset to e:\me and the file
      >> dedwards.erf in e:\me is the one that gets updated every time.
      >> A puzzler!!
      >> Thanks
      >> Dave E.
      >> dedwards@...
      >> Steven Phillips wrote:
      >> > Dave,
      >> >
      >> > The Setup Path usage is obscure and does not do what first impressions would
      >> > suggest. The Setup Path does two things:
      >> >
      >> > 1) On opening the User Setup dialog it shows you where it found the
      >> > current profile. For new users this will probably be the main macro
      >> > directory (e.g. e:\me).
      >> >
      >> > 2) Can be used to set the output directory, i.e. where the user setup
      >> > files will be written when you use the Save button (e.g. f:\username).
      >> >
      >> > One thing that Setup Path does not do is change your environment, so when you
      >> > exit me32 and restart it will not know about f:\username and therefore it will
      >> > not find you setup files.
      >> >
      >> > The simplest way to setup you environment is to set two environment variables,
      >> > as follows:
      >> >
      >> > set MENAME=username
      >> > set MEPATH=f:\username;e:\me
      >> >
      >> > These two environment variables tell me32 who you are, where your setup files
      >> > are and where the system setup files are. You should now find that me32 finds
      >> > your username.erf in f:\username so Set Path should be automatically set to
      >> > f:\username.
      >> >
      >> > Hope that solves the problems,
      >> >
      >> > Steve
      >> > <snip>
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