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Re: [jasspa] Re: PHP validation/tags

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  • Jon Green
    ... Opps! or rather: global-bind-key file-browser C-x C-d
    Message 1 of 6 , May 19, 2005
      Jon Green wrote:
      > first last wrote:
      >>Thanks, that works great. Now... how can I run it on saving a php file?
      > If you want to run something on saving then the best thing to do is rebind "C-x C-s"
      > save-buffer to php-save-buffer (say) using a buffer key binding and then do what you need to
      > do in "php-save-buffer" including the actual buffer save. If the check failed then I guess
      > you leave the user in the buffer. See "Writing MicroEmacs Macros" on main help page towards
      > the bottom for some information on writing macros.
      >>Also, has the ^C^D shortcut (change dir) been removed? Doesn't seem to
      >>work here (linux, latest ME version)
      > Alas ^C^D has died a death due to the fact it had no real use. The buffer location
      > effectivelly tracks the directory location. ^X^F to open a file you can change the directory
      > and create a new file, the file is created in the given directory.
      > You could bind ^C^D to file-browser i.e
      > global-bind-key "C-x C-d" file-browser

      Opps! or rather:
      global-bind-key file-browser "C-x C-d"
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