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Re: [jasspa] Terminal Mode with Colors

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  • Thomas Hundt
    Well there IS a scheme called black on grey . I think grey is implemented as non-highlighted white and white is highlighted white . (ANSI colors.) The
    Message 1 of 9 , Apr 11, 2005
      Well there IS a scheme called "black on grey". I think grey is
      implemented as "non-highlighted white" and white is "highlighted white".
      (ANSI colors.) The actual colors depend on what your xterm uses.
      (E.g., I use a thing called Putty; I can make the colors whatever I
      want. Still only limited to like 16 of them, though -- the "ansi
      colors" -- 8 colors and 8 bolded/highlighted versions thereof.)


      Schofield, Bryan (GE Trans) wrote:
      > Unfortunately gray doesn't map well on to a console. It's either black or white. Black will do just fine. I just thought I'd ask just in case I overlooked something.

      >>Why don't you try the other color schemes that are already built.
      >>Perhaps there already is one that's close. Have you tried them all?
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