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Re: [jasspa] CUA support (2nd cut) & GNU Emacs emulation request

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  • Thomas Hundt
    Somebody asked for some key bindings. Here is my current set. Some of the unbindings, in particular, may be obsolete by now. Don t ask me why I did half of
    Message 1 of 19 , Nov 3, 2004
      Somebody asked for some key bindings. Here is my current set. Some of
      the unbindings, in particular, may be obsolete by now.

      Don't ask me why I did half of these. There must've been a good reason
      at the time! :-) Some of them are GNU-ish, a lot are my own crazy
      adaptations, for speed and convenience. (E.g., MDI ones -- this is a
      Windows thing.)


      ; Key bindings (use !force to prevent err if already unbound)
      !force global-bind-key beginning-of-line "home"
      !force global-bind-key end-of-line "end"
      !force global-bind-key beginning-of-buffer "C-home"
      !force global-bind-key end-of-buffer "C-end"
      !force global-bind-key help "f1"
      !force global-bind-key backward-kill-word "S-backspace"
      !force global-bind-key goto-matching-fence "f2"
      !force 1 global-bind-key scroll-up "f5"
      !force 1 global-bind-key scroll-down "f6"
      !force 65536 global-bind-key osd "f1" ; access menu bar
      ;; !force global-bind-key file-browser "f9" ; usually F10
      ;;!force 1 global-bind-key scroll-down "C-c"
      ;;!force 1 global-bind-key scroll-up "A-C"
      !force global-bind-key scroll-up "A-V"
      !force global-bind-key isearch-backward "C-r"
      !force global-bind-key isearch-forward "C-s"
      !force global-bind-key isearch-forward "C-]" ; works if ^S
      !force global-bind-key undo "C-z"
      !force global-bind-key kill-line "C-k"

      !force 10 global-bind-key scroll-left "A-left" ; Win
      !force 10 global-bind-key scroll-right "A-right"
      !force 10 global-bind-key scroll-left "esc left" ; Unix
      !force 10 global-bind-key scroll-right "esc right"
      !force 5 global-bind-key scroll-up "A-up" ; Win
      !force 5 global-bind-key scroll-down "A-down"
      !force 5 global-bind-key scroll-up "esc up" ; Unix
      !force 5 global-bind-key scroll-down "esc down"

      !force 1 global-bind-key buffer-mode "C-x C-a"
      !force -1 global-bind-key buffer-mode "C-x C-d"
      !force global-unbind-key "C-x d"
      !force global-unbind-key "C-x C-e"
      !force global-unbind-key "A-f"
      !force global-unbind-key "C-x C-l"
      !force global-unbind-key "C-x C-u"
      !force global-bind-key shell "C-x C-z"
      !force global-unbind-key "C-x f"
      !force global-bind-key goto-line "C-x g"
      !force global-bind-key insert-file "C-x i"
      !force global-unbind-key "C-x m"
      !force global-unbind-key "C-x n"
      ; USE M-q: !force global-bind-key ifill-paragraph "C-x p"
      !force global-bind-key view-file "C-x r"
      !force global-unbind-key "A-s"
      !force global-bind-key search-forward "esc s"
      !force global-bind-key save-buffer "C-x s"
      !force global-bind-key find-file "C-x C-v"
      !force global-unbind-key "C-x w"
      !force global-unbind-key "C-x x"
      ; !force global-bind-key grow-window-vertically "C-x C-^" ; easier
      than ^X^
      !force global-unbind-key "esc C-k"
      !force global-unbind-key "esc C-n"
      !force global-unbind-key "esc C-r"
      !force global-unbind-key "esc C-s"
      !force global-unbind-key "esc a"
      !force global-unbind-key "esc e" ; set encryption key
      !force global-bind-key delete-indentation "esc j"
      !force global-unbind-key "esc k"
      !force global-unbind-key "esc m"
      !force global-bind-key query-replace-string "esc %"
      ;!force global-bind-key end-of-buffer "esc >"
      ;;1 global-bind-key set-mark "C-\"" ; ^2
      !force global-bind-key save-buffers-exit-emacs "A-f4"
      !force global-bind-key save-buffers-exit-emacs "C-x C-c"
      !force 1 global-bind-key delete-buffer "C-f4"
      !force 3 global-bind-key narrow-buffer "C-x <"
      !force 1 global-bind-key narrow-buffer "C-x >" ; widen
      !force global-bind-key help "C-h ?"
      !force global-bind-key yank "S-insert"
      !force global-unbind-key "esc ." ; was: set-mark
      !force global-unbind-key "C-x /" ; was: isearch-forward
      !force global-unbind-key "esc z" ; was: quick-exit
      ;; key used in macro !force global-bind-key tab "C-x C-i"
      !force global-bind-key command-apropos "C-h a"
      !force global-bind-key backward-kill-word "C-backspace" ; in addition
      to S-backspace
      !force 1 global-bind-key scroll-down "mouse-wdown" ; enable mouse wheel
      (Exceed 6.2)
      !force 1 global-bind-key scroll-up "mouse-wup"
      ; Exceed 7.1: sends mouse-pick-4 followed by mouse-drop-4 for wheel
      !force 1 global-bind-key scroll-down "mouse-pick-5" ; mouse wheel
      (Exceed 7.1)
      !force 1 global-bind-key scroll-up "mouse-pick-4"
      !force 0 global-bind-key scroll-down "mouse-drop-5" ; mouse wheel
      (Exceed 7.1)
      !force 0 global-bind-key scroll-up "mouse-drop-4"
      !force 10 global-bind-key scroll-left A-kp-left ; Imouse left
      !force 10 global-bind-key scroll-right A-kp-right ; Imouse right
      !force global-bind-key previous-window "C-x -"
      !force global-bind-key next-window "C-tab" ; Ctrl-Tab (like MDI)
      !force global-bind-key previous-window "C-S-tab" ; Ctrl-Shift-Tab (like
      !force global-bind-key split-window-horizontally "C-x 3" ; (like Gnu)
      !force global-unbind-key "A-C-r" ; free up for Windows shortcut
      !force global-bind-key next-buffer "C-page-down" ; Ctrl-PgDn (like Excel)
      !force -1 global-bind-key next-buffer "C-page-up" ; Ctrl-PgUp (like Excel)
      !force global-bind-key split-window-horizontally "C-x 5"

      ; end bindings
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