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Re: [jasspa] CUA support (2nd cut) & GNU Emacs emulation request

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  • Thomas Hundt
    Oh it just slays me that in GNU, Home and End go to the top and bottom of the file. That s different from EVERY other windows app. -Th
    Message 1 of 19 , Nov 3, 2004
      Oh it just slays me that in GNU, Home and End go to the top and bottom
      of the file. That's different from EVERY other windows app.


      Bob Paddock wrote:

      > On Tuesday 19 October 2004 05:44 pm, Steven Phillips wrote:
      >>However having not used Emacs for years I am no longer in a position to
      >>know what the main annoyances of using ME are from an Emacs users point of
      > Major one is that Control-Open-Bracket (^[) is not the same as Meta (<ESC>).
      > Ctrl-Home go to top of current file.
      > Ctrl-End go to bottom of current file.
      > ESC-% Replace.
    • Thomas Hundt
      Somebody asked for some key bindings. Here is my current set. Some of the unbindings, in particular, may be obsolete by now. Don t ask me why I did half of
      Message 2 of 19 , Nov 3, 2004
        Somebody asked for some key bindings. Here is my current set. Some of
        the unbindings, in particular, may be obsolete by now.

        Don't ask me why I did half of these. There must've been a good reason
        at the time! :-) Some of them are GNU-ish, a lot are my own crazy
        adaptations, for speed and convenience. (E.g., MDI ones -- this is a
        Windows thing.)


        ; Key bindings (use !force to prevent err if already unbound)
        !force global-bind-key beginning-of-line "home"
        !force global-bind-key end-of-line "end"
        !force global-bind-key beginning-of-buffer "C-home"
        !force global-bind-key end-of-buffer "C-end"
        !force global-bind-key help "f1"
        !force global-bind-key backward-kill-word "S-backspace"
        !force global-bind-key goto-matching-fence "f2"
        !force 1 global-bind-key scroll-up "f5"
        !force 1 global-bind-key scroll-down "f6"
        !force 65536 global-bind-key osd "f1" ; access menu bar
        ;; !force global-bind-key file-browser "f9" ; usually F10
        ;;!force 1 global-bind-key scroll-down "C-c"
        ;;!force 1 global-bind-key scroll-up "A-C"
        !force global-bind-key scroll-up "A-V"
        !force global-bind-key isearch-backward "C-r"
        !force global-bind-key isearch-forward "C-s"
        !force global-bind-key isearch-forward "C-]" ; works if ^S
        !force global-bind-key undo "C-z"
        !force global-bind-key kill-line "C-k"

        !force 10 global-bind-key scroll-left "A-left" ; Win
        !force 10 global-bind-key scroll-right "A-right"
        !force 10 global-bind-key scroll-left "esc left" ; Unix
        !force 10 global-bind-key scroll-right "esc right"
        !force 5 global-bind-key scroll-up "A-up" ; Win
        !force 5 global-bind-key scroll-down "A-down"
        !force 5 global-bind-key scroll-up "esc up" ; Unix
        !force 5 global-bind-key scroll-down "esc down"

        !force 1 global-bind-key buffer-mode "C-x C-a"
        !force -1 global-bind-key buffer-mode "C-x C-d"
        !force global-unbind-key "C-x d"
        !force global-unbind-key "C-x C-e"
        !force global-unbind-key "A-f"
        !force global-unbind-key "C-x C-l"
        !force global-unbind-key "C-x C-u"
        !force global-bind-key shell "C-x C-z"
        !force global-unbind-key "C-x f"
        !force global-bind-key goto-line "C-x g"
        !force global-bind-key insert-file "C-x i"
        !force global-unbind-key "C-x m"
        !force global-unbind-key "C-x n"
        ; USE M-q: !force global-bind-key ifill-paragraph "C-x p"
        !force global-bind-key view-file "C-x r"
        !force global-unbind-key "A-s"
        !force global-bind-key search-forward "esc s"
        !force global-bind-key save-buffer "C-x s"
        !force global-bind-key find-file "C-x C-v"
        !force global-unbind-key "C-x w"
        !force global-unbind-key "C-x x"
        ; !force global-bind-key grow-window-vertically "C-x C-^" ; easier
        than ^X^
        !force global-unbind-key "esc C-k"
        !force global-unbind-key "esc C-n"
        !force global-unbind-key "esc C-r"
        !force global-unbind-key "esc C-s"
        !force global-unbind-key "esc a"
        !force global-unbind-key "esc e" ; set encryption key
        !force global-bind-key delete-indentation "esc j"
        !force global-unbind-key "esc k"
        !force global-unbind-key "esc m"
        !force global-bind-key query-replace-string "esc %"
        ;!force global-bind-key end-of-buffer "esc >"
        ;;1 global-bind-key set-mark "C-\"" ; ^2
        !force global-bind-key save-buffers-exit-emacs "A-f4"
        !force global-bind-key save-buffers-exit-emacs "C-x C-c"
        !force 1 global-bind-key delete-buffer "C-f4"
        !force 3 global-bind-key narrow-buffer "C-x <"
        !force 1 global-bind-key narrow-buffer "C-x >" ; widen
        !force global-bind-key help "C-h ?"
        !force global-bind-key yank "S-insert"
        !force global-unbind-key "esc ." ; was: set-mark
        !force global-unbind-key "C-x /" ; was: isearch-forward
        !force global-unbind-key "esc z" ; was: quick-exit
        ;; key used in macro !force global-bind-key tab "C-x C-i"
        !force global-bind-key command-apropos "C-h a"
        !force global-bind-key backward-kill-word "C-backspace" ; in addition
        to S-backspace
        !force 1 global-bind-key scroll-down "mouse-wdown" ; enable mouse wheel
        (Exceed 6.2)
        !force 1 global-bind-key scroll-up "mouse-wup"
        ; Exceed 7.1: sends mouse-pick-4 followed by mouse-drop-4 for wheel
        !force 1 global-bind-key scroll-down "mouse-pick-5" ; mouse wheel
        (Exceed 7.1)
        !force 1 global-bind-key scroll-up "mouse-pick-4"
        !force 0 global-bind-key scroll-down "mouse-drop-5" ; mouse wheel
        (Exceed 7.1)
        !force 0 global-bind-key scroll-up "mouse-drop-4"
        !force 10 global-bind-key scroll-left A-kp-left ; Imouse left
        !force 10 global-bind-key scroll-right A-kp-right ; Imouse right
        !force global-bind-key previous-window "C-x -"
        !force global-bind-key next-window "C-tab" ; Ctrl-Tab (like MDI)
        !force global-bind-key previous-window "C-S-tab" ; Ctrl-Shift-Tab (like
        !force global-bind-key split-window-horizontally "C-x 3" ; (like Gnu)
        !force global-unbind-key "A-C-r" ; free up for Windows shortcut
        !force global-bind-key next-buffer "C-page-down" ; Ctrl-PgDn (like Excel)
        !force -1 global-bind-key next-buffer "C-page-up" ; Ctrl-PgUp (like Excel)
        !force global-bind-key split-window-horizontally "C-x 5"

        ; end bindings
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