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[jasspa] ME and gziped info-files in Win9x

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  • Detlef Groth
    Hello, again me... I get it working also for multiple gz-files ... I copied gunzip.exe and cygwin1.dll from the cygwin-bin directory in the path. I did: gunzip
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      Hello, again me...
      I get it working also for multiple gz-files

      >> further, the second the use of gzip-info-files seems to be only possible with
      >> info-files which are single-files, like the bash.info.gz. Other info-files
      >> like texinfo.gz, texinfo-1.gz, texinfo-2.gz and so on are not working. Is
      >> there any possibility ot change in info.emf the command :
      >> !force shell-command &spr "gunzip -c \"%s.gz\" > %s" #l0 #l9
      >> to something like:
      >> !force shell-command &spr "gunzip -c \"%s...gz\" > %s" #l0 #l9 Where '..'
      >> means regexpressions. to extract all texinfo-files in the
      >> windows/temp-directory or is it possible to merge the files in one gz-file or
      >> in one zip-file and to invoke the find-zfile-command ?
      >> By the way I use here the command.com and a batch-file pointing to the
      >> gunzip.exe in the cygwin-directory.

      >And I think this is the cause of the problem, certainly on unix this works
      >just. I think the problem is this:
      >The command line used the decompress the info file is:
      > gunzip -c "foo.gz" > tempfile
      >on windows the "tempfile" will be something like "c:\temp\metmp.0" which is
      >fine for windows applications but for the cygwin gunzip (a unix program) this
      >is a bad file name. Try doing
      > gunzip -c "foo.gz" > c:\temp\metemp.0
      >in a cygwin window and see what happens.

      I copied gunzip.exe and cygwin1.dll from the cygwin-bin directory in the path.

      I did:
      gunzip -c "foo.gz" > c:\temp\metemp.0

      in c:\info, nothing happens

      I did:

      gunzip -c "foo.gz" > c:/temp/metemp.1

      in c:\info, in c:\temp metemp.1 was generated

      I tried gunzip -c "foo.gz" > metemp.0

      and this file was generated in the c:\info directory

      again I run info and tried to see the info for Axe (a ME competitor) which is in:


      by clicking on '* Axe: (axe).'

      The command line showed a promising `found info in c:/info/axe.info'

      I had to wait for a longer time and finally the axe-info appears and all was working fine.

      Great, I startet gzipping the gnu-assembler-info-files....to


      I clicked on
      '* As: (as). The GNU assembler.'

      ME and gunzip needed about 30 seconds for unzipping on my machine (AMD-K6-2 300 MHz, 64 Mb RAM). The mouse courser was twitching 8 times....
      and again I was reading the info-files for the assembler.

      It essential to wait here and not to think `oh, Me is hanging, I press C-g'. So look at the dancing-mouse to be `info'rmed.

      For the 12 texinfo files I have to wait 55 seconds...

      >As a temporary fix try adding the var-str-sub line just before the
      >shell-command line:
      > var-str-sub #l9 "\\" "/"
      > !force shell-command &spr "gunzip -c \"%s.gz\" > %s" #l0 #l9

      >this changes the '\'s to '/'s.

      This does not help.
      I removed it again.

      >If this works I think the problem could be permanently fixed by removing the
      >need for the batch file (I think its the '>' piping thats screwing up). To do
      >this copy the gunzip.exe and the require cygwin dll's (copy just the exe, try
      >and run it and NT will complain that it can't find such and such dll, copy
      >that across and try again) into your path and remove the gunzip.bat file.
      >This hopefully will now work with the var-str-sub line removed.

      The last feature I wish to have here is highlighting for the links and for `foo' special words, but how to add a file-hook for *info foo.info ???

      How happy the people with no problems...

      best regards,
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