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989Re: [jasspa] Unix fonts on ME for Windows, possible bug?

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  • Jon Green
    Feb 6, 2004
      Thomas Hundt wrote:
      > Gabriel wrote:
      > > I am using XP (unluckily, I can't choose). I install the fonts from the
      > > fonts settings in the start menu and then go to
      > > "user-setup/platform/choose font.
      > >
      > > The fonts are there, the preview works, but as soon as I apply it
      > > (current) after saving it it goes back to some other font (normally
      > > courier new).
      > I can't get it to work, either -- running 04/01/01 under Win2kSP3.
      > When I select a font using the User Setup panel, it briefly uses it and
      > resizes the window, and then flips back. When I go into User Setup
      > again, the font info is there.
      > However, I *can* change fonts using a routine I had written long ago
      > called cycle-font. (This depends on a %os variable being set, so I'm
      > including that bit, too.)

      Wish you had mentioned this before could have investigated it.

      Try RC4 which is now available. Suggest that you do not inherit your
      registry file (erf) if you upgrade - start with a clean install
      check that it is working and then move some of your personal
      environment to the newer release.

      I would hope that this will resolve your problems.

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