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983Re: [jasspa] Unix fonts on ME for Windows, possible bug?

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    Feb 4, 2004
      I am using XP (unluckily, I can't choose). I install the fonts from the
      fonts settings in the start menu and then go to
      "user-setup/platform/choose font.

      The fonts are there, the preview works, but as soon as I apply it
      (current) after saving it it goes back to some other font (normally
      courier new).

      I have tried everything (changing the script, font size...) and I still
      can't get it right. I just tried with Putty and it works perfectly

      I have tried with 02-02 and 04-01RC3 (the latest?).

      The only font that works is 6x13 that I got from somewhere else. All
      the settings are saved OK, so it isn't lack of a profile either.

      Changing subject, is there any tutorial for ME macros? After trying
      Eclipse I think that a context-completion option, show profile (as in
      classes/functions/etc) and integrating a parser (IE. PHP for most of my
      work) are a necessity (not really, but they tempt me away from ME, that
      is, until I get sick of the system being too clever for its own good
      and slow).

      Thanks for the answer


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