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982Re: [jasspa] Unix fonts on ME for Windows, possible bug?

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  • Jon Green
    Feb 3, 2004
      first last wrote:

      > Hi all. I have downloaded unix fonts from
      > http://www.tomasek.cz/semtel/download/fonts.zip, and I can't get them
      > to work in ME. I can get them to work on other programs (such as
      > notepad) but not on ME.
      > I have got 6x13 from somewhere else working, but that is too small for
      > 1280x960 (shame, it's my favourite programming font).
      > I can choose the fonts from the list, but I cannot use them (it goes
      > back to some other default font).
      > Any hints or have I hit a bug?
      > Thanks
      > Gabriel

      Works OK for me ?

      Install the fonts into Windows using:-

      Start->settings->control panel->Fonts
      File->Install ....

      Once installed then select from
      user-setup. No problem !

      The other reason may be is that
      you do not have a user profile and
      have no where to save the information.
      Are you a "guest" user in user-setup ?
      If so it has no where to save your settings.
      If this is the case you will be wanting RC4
      2004 when it is available. You need to set
      yourself up as a user if this is the problem.

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