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924Re: [jasspa] New Wiki is now Online (Was: Re: Wiki)

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  • Jeremy Cowgar
    Jan 14, 2004
      On Wed, 2004-01-14 at 06:24, Jon Green wrote:
      > Jeremy Cowgar wrote:
      > > The new Wiki system is up and online. Please give feedback.
      > >
      > > http://microemacs.cowgar.com
      > >
      > Can you fix up the "Macros" page
      > for user contributed Macros. I cannot
      > see how I add a new page with a
      > contribution on it. Need to make
      > a new page to add at the end of the
      > list. Some of the pages have "?"
      > to add - this one does not seem
      > to ?

      As Jon has said, you can click Edit Page at the bottom and add in what
      they call CamelCase words. This will create a link to a page. If the
      page does not exist, it will include a ? at the end. By clicking the ?
      you get to edit that page.

      So, to add a user submitted macro, you can do something like:

      1. Click Edit on the Macros Page
      2. Add something like:

      MyCoolMacro: does a lot of neat things.

      3. Save
      4. Click the '?' after MyCoolMacro
      5. Enter your macro text:

      == My Cool Macro ==

      This macro does some cool things. Everyone should have it!

      macro code
      macro code
      macro code

      6. Click Save.

      You have now just created a link, created a page, filled the page and
      saved the page.

      Some of the pages still have ? after them because they are what I see as
      how the Macro page should be, but they are information that I cannot
      fill in because I do not have enough information on knowledge on the

      People wishing to contribute to the Wiki are encouraged to visit:


      That contains links to pages that are not yet created. If you have
      enough knowledge on the particular subject, fill it in! A wiki is meant
      to be maintained by everyone.

      If you feel that the structure of the pages should be changed, rearrange
      it. The wiki is versioned, previous pages are never deleted, but stored
      with a version number. The new page is always the latest version and is
      displayed by default. So, we can revert to any previous version we wish.
      The Wiki is also backed up on a nightly basis.

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