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887Re: [jasspa] Re: Wiki

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  • Jeremy Cowgar
    Jan 12, 2004
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      On Mon, 2004-01-12 at 03:14, Dr. Detlef Groth wrote:
      > >Opps! http://lua.cowgar.com (don't be fooled by the url, it's just a
      > >dummy host I have setup that I test a lot of things with
      > I would favour this one, its nicer and easier to navigate, it seems
      > also to be less buggy (one bug I observed that you can't provide two code blocks:
      > %%(me) ... %% ...
      > %%(me) ... %%)
      > Missing is a link to the formatting rules.

      I do too. I fixed the two code block problem, and the formatting rules
      is just somthing I did not add yet because I didn't want to spend a lot
      of time on it if we decided on something else.

      I will begin the conversion and probably this evening put it on
      microemacs.cowgar.com .

      Any other input before I make this move?

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