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843www.jasspa.com history + acknowledgements

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  • Jon Green
    Jan 4, 2004
      The history of JASSPAs MicroEmacs has been updated and
      now acknowledges Dave Conroy as the original author
      of MicroEmacs. Apologies for this omission in the
      history as previously published. The correct
      information is published at

      Acknowledgements to indeviduals for the up and
      coming January 2004 release are now contained
      on the www page http://www.jasspa.com/about.html
      If I have omitted any person, mis-represnted
      anybody, spelt their name wrong, missed any
      information off, would like to be deleted etc.
      then please mail me directly and I will
      resolve the issue.

      Acknowledgement information has been taken
      from all submissions that we have used in the
      release. To compose the list requires that
      I search my mail archive and mailing list archive
      and find items that have been submitted and
      used. It is very possible that I have omitted
      people and information.

      We do not publish private E-Mail addresses
      for obvious reasons.