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799Re: [jasspa] How to search forward for selection

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  • Mike Hopkirk
    Dec 10, 2003
      The proposal made for handling keys in isearch sounds fine = Its a
      thorny problem
      given the dynamic behaviour and uncertainty about intent that editing
      the search string
      causes ..
      FWIW I'd say editing the isearch string shpuld restart the search from
      the start point rather than any current hit but thats just me...

      "Phillips, Steven" wrote:
      > One thing I neglected to mention that I guess I should is that if you do 'C-s return' (i.e. execute isearch and then press Enter) isearch drops into the standard message line editing mode in which it remains until you type one of the following:
      > C-g - abort
      > C-s - isearch forward for the current message line content
      > C-r - isearch backward for current ml content
      > return - perform a search-forward for current ml content, i.e. isearch becomes search-forward
      > So at the cost of an extra return isearch can become the standard search-forward

      Sure - thats sometime useful when isearch isnt doing what you want, its
      ideal if what you want is to just do a search...

      >(I bet no one knew that either - does anyone rtfm??). So what ever you can do in search-forward you can easily do with isearch-forward!

      The cost - an extra cognitive dissonance keystroke to get into the right
      mode is
      still non-optimal
      It'd be as convenient if there was a keystroke in search that boosted
      search to an isearch as well...
      making both searches just search modes..

      > So who's still using search-forward??

      me - extra keystrokes to get where I want isnt goanna cut it....
      -- hops
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