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797Re: [jasspa] How to search forward for selection

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  • Thomas Hundt
    Dec 10, 2003
      Steve wrote:
      > So at the cost of an extra return isearch can become the standard
      > search-forward

      Cool :-)

      > (I bet no one knew that either - does anyone rtfm??).

      Not if we think we know how it works already :-D

      Also RTFM is an area where ME could use some improvement. It's pretty
      painful at the moment. Specifically, the box that pops up when you do
      General Help from the menu is cumbersome. One can't isearch, for
      example ;-) And using the mouse wheel to scroll moves the darned thing
      instead of scrolling. And there's no scroll bar. And scrolling wraps
      from the end back to the beginning. And the cursor bar seems to fight
      between mouse and keyboard control (when you do PgUp and PgDn, for
      example). And the search order is case-sensitive. And the window is
      too small. And doesn't go away when you select something.

      Sorry for all the gripes. I'm sure nobody wants to work on the
      documentation!! ;-)

      Thomas Hundt
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