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789Re: [jasspa] How to search forward for selection

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  • Mike Hopkirk
    Dec 9, 2003
      Jon Green wrote:
      > Thomas Hundt wrote:
      > > > On all but isearch C-w can be currently used to clear the message line
      > > > so it is not easy for us to simply change this as it may hinder more
      > > > people than it helps.
      > >
      > > I like the ^W feature in isearch (now that I know it's there!) but agree
      > > that there ought to be a way to clear the search text (^A ^K doesn't
      > > work) since I do this all the time (by cancelling the search and
      > > starting over) when I mistype something at the beginning of the search text.
      > >
      > > -Th
      > >
      > I must admit I did not know that ^W existed.

      Ditto - ^W to me on cmdline is delete a word
      > I also think
      > that ^A (possibly ^P) that returned to an editable
      > search-forward type command line which is resumed to
      > isearch-forward by ^S would actually be quite nice.

      big emacs/Xemacs does something like this - I found it more confusing
      than helpful
      in being able to determine what searching mode you were in and what
      keystrokes toggled you back and fwd and did searches and ...

      -- hops
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