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768Re: [jasspa] How to add Qt keywords and string-rectangle

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  • Jon Green
    Dec 6, 2003
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      salmankhilji wrote:
      > In Qt, in addition to having the following standard
      > public:
      > protected:
      > private:
      > keywords, you also have
      > public slots:
      > protected slots:
      > private slots:
      > If I issue the command restyle-buffer, then these do not get indented
      > right---they get the same columnar treatment as my member functions.
      > Can someone please tell me what I have to do to get this right.

      Some problems have been reported with the C++
      re-styling which have been fixed in the
      up and coming '04 release. Would be useful
      if you could send an example file to
      "support" at jasspa.com so that the re-style
      can be checked (or return to me directly).

      As a work around then select a region and
      then issue a hilight-region command. Not ideal
      but is really all I can suggest.

      > I am using XEmacs right now. There is a command where you can
      > vertically select a column and then issue a string-rectangle
      > command. After asking you what the text you want to add, XEmacs then
      > inserts that word along the whole vertical line. How do you do this
      > in MicroEmacs?

      There is no such command as this but .... we can make one !
      The following attachment should do what you want if I have
      interpreted your comment correctly. Any issues then get back
      to me or modify yourself.

      To test:-

      Load the .emf a buffer and then "M-x execute-buffer" to
      load the macro. Then "M-x string-rectangle" to execute
      once you have selected a region. The insertion column
      is the column at the start of the region with the
      lowest line number. (i.e. uppermost line of region).

      To always load:-

      Add the macro to your "user.emf" such
      that it is executed on start up.

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