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758RE: [jasspa] hippie-expand from GNU Emacs

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  • Phillips, Steven
    Oct 27, 2003

      Attached is an improved version of the abbreviation handler which has 'hippie-expand' style behaviour (calling expand-abbrev-handle (esc esc) multiple times will make it look back further).

      This version of abbrev.emf works well on my latest version of ME and I believe it will work on all recent releases but I would still back-up your version of this file in case it does not work.

      Let me know if this fits the bill,


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      Is there any macro in microemacs which mimics the GNU Emacs hippie-expand?

      hippie-expand is like an autocomplete while typing within a buffer.

      For example:

      int blah1, blah2, blah3;

      Now if I typed 'b' and then activated 'hippie-expand' I would get
      'blah1' then if I pressed it again I would get 'blah2' instead.

      This is SO useful when using long variable names and if it is not
      included it shouldn't be to hard to make a macro for it?

      I don't have the time or the patience to make/test a macro todo this.



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